Please, try a real search and give feedback.  There is no current way to bring up a few posts by keywords,  then access the threads they belong to.  If many people in one thread give links or ideas, you have to search and search  on google - will only bring up 3 to 5, the same over and over.
Try the more options - advanced search , too.  No section to search just forums,  posters  do not count as authors, and again, only a couple posts will come up.

Most of the old posts are gone -  they cannot be accessed, either by search,  or going back on the section pages which start last fall.

You can get them back to day one on google,  but in order to get 10 - 30 meaningful posts on each of 3 threads on a subject -  lodgings on the North Shore,  floral and crafts online shops with case sales in vases -  you might have to do many searches and then wade through hundreds of posts.
Ask to fix search to at least as good as before,  improvements welcome.

The company they have working on this, and supervisors,   do not seem to have a clue how the old system worked,  and how few features this one has.