Here's the deal. I'm a reasonably attractive, financially secure guy. 40 years old, most people think I look significantly younger. I am recently separated from my wife of 14 years. That was a pretty emotional situation, but I'm getting on with my life. I have a great six year old daughter, a nice brand-new apartment, and some quality free time on my hands.

My dilemma: I'm looking to meet new people, and I don't want one night stands, but I don't want some huge commitment either. I just got out of a very stressful marital situation (she was cheating, lying, the whole nine yards), so I just want to meet someone to have some fun with, keep things casual, and see where things go. Most women, however, seem to fall into one of two camps: Either they want absolutely zero strings, just a quickie and see-ya-later, or they want to get married NOW. I can't seem to find anyone who's looking for what I'm looking for. Are you out there somewhere?