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Vows in Newton

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    Vows in Newton

    I had a very good experience at VOWS, though I did not end up getting my dress there. It has designer dresses discounted- One of the dresses that I loved was a $3500 dress that they were selling for $1500. Most of them are sample dresses, which is why a) they are off the rack and b) they may need cleaning. They only have the size that is at the store, but from what I understand the seamstress they use is very talented and does a great job with alterations. When I was there, they also showed me how dresses could be changed (adding cap sleeves or sashes, removing crinoline).

    I believe their online shop is different than the one in the store. I think there are dresses in their store that are not on their website and vice versa. It might be worth it to make an appointment to go try on some dresses there- or if there is a dress you like on the website, call the store. I found their employees to be very helpful.

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    Vows in Newton

    Did she choose that dress you showed her pictured in?
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    Vows in Newton

    Ooh, goody! Yes, I thought she looked perfect in it :) How fun for you Belle... you finish your wedding, but now you get to do it all that fun stuff again, without the bridal stress, for your sister.
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    Vows in Newton

    OMG!!! That's incredible! When are you going? (We're going to be on St. John over New Year's!)
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    Vows in Newton

    I went there with my cousin to buy her dress. She had a great experience. BUT--I don't think the other brides there were faring as well. Two things come to mind--both related:

    1. This is not a traditional bridal shop and you are on your own in picking out dresses. Many brides go with preconceived notions about what they want and sometimes they do not look good in it. There was one girl there trying on only strapless dresses--she looked like a scarecrow--and someone should have brought her a few dresses with straps or at least cap sleeves.

    2. Related to this, buying a dress like this is definately dependent on your salesperson and I don't think all of them are the same. As above, you are very dependent on your own taste, which sometimes is not the best for you.

    I would highly suggest you ask for April. She was amazing--even had suggestions about minor alterations that would make the dress look even better.

    These are samples or models' dresses. I am not sure you will find the exact dress on line. I did not see a lot of dresses that needed cleaning. Some of these dresses have never been worn.