Boston cabs following the rules?

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    Boston cabs following the rules?

    The Boston Police Department's Hackney Unit is cracking down on a dress code for taxi driver, amongst other rules. How would you rate Boston cab drivers on following the Hackney rules?
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    Boston cabs following the rules?

    How would I rate them? In general, very low. Try getting a cab from Logan to the North End. Or East Boston, or Winthrop. The drivers act like you are killing them. I dread getting into a cab at the airport and most times hop a hotel shuttle with a 20 in my hand or take the T if its not too late.

    I'm tired of people telling me "they HAVE to take you where you ask them once you're in the cab". I don't know about anyone else, but I don't feel comfortable being a passenger when the driver clearly has animosity towards me. And cell phone use? I ask my friends to hang up when I'm in the car but would I ask a cabbie? No way.

    Lets not even get into how much some took advantage of Big Dig construction to take strange detours and run up the meter. Or take a longer route to any given destination. I could go on and on.

    I have been surprised by very pleasant rides but that should not be the exception.

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    Boston cabs following the rules?

    Sandy baby - how right you are. Only once did we take a cab from Logan.And it was a disaster. The cab broke down twice. The second time, itwas near our home - so our 11 year old son crossed several lawns (inpouring rain) and got hold of our neighbor - who came to pick us up.Don't know, what happened to the cab after we left, but it still costus the fare of $60. And that was 15 years ago.
    After that experience, we now park our own car in one of the lots. Addsare not allowed here - so I can't tell you where, but it isreasonable and we have our own car to take us home, w/o breaking down.
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    Boston cabs following the rules?

    The one time I did mention a big tip was when I was left standing, cold, tired and hungry at 2 AM, at the side of the curb at Logan when a cab refused to take me to Winthrop. I screamed "You just gave up a big tip, you a**h*le!" Was it the adult thing to do? No...but felt good! Thats when I learned the "slip the shuttle bus driver a 20" trick. He witnessed my melt down and said - hop in, lady!

    I do understand what your friend is saying about the tip thing...but I waitressed and tended bar for years. I treated my customers who ordered a ten dollar pizza and pitcher of soda with the same respect as those who ordered two full dinners, appetizers and cocktails. I'm sure there are waitresses out there who'd roll their eyes at a "cheap" table but I never did.

    One time I did NOT tip a cab driver was giong to a wedding in EB at the airport. He took me on a tour of Southie supposedly trying to get through construction to the Ted. I asked why we were going that way and he said 'we have to take the backroads to get to the tunnel'. When it came time to pay the meter, I gave him as close to exact as I could and tols him his tip was on the backroads on Southie. Again, not my best moment but it felt good!