I want to share�a very concerning scene that I witnessed while riding on the Orange line this afternoon:-->-->Between the Forest Hills and Mass Ave. stops, I observed three high school-age girls defacing a sign on the train (though this is not the worst part).� They proceeded to write their MySpace�and email addresses on the sign and then below their personal information, wrote 'Add Us!�-->-->I�work with middle and high school students throughout the state and I know firsthand how incredibly tech and internet savvy all students are regardless of where they live or attend school.� But with this freedom comes a lot of responsibility that obviously many�students don't�fully understand.��That is, with�such unregulated internet freedom�comes�vulnerability to not only�spam, internet scams and identity theft, BUT to the specific and heinous acts directed at�children -�like internet bullying, child predators, pornography, etc.� -->-->I urge everyone, but especially parents to be wary of how freely your child(ren) and their friends are willing to share their personal information with others.� I intend to create a Myspace account just so I can reach these girls directly and to help them understand�these dangers. �-->-->http://www.wiredsafety.org/internet101/blogs.html�