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Happy Father's Day

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    Happy Father's Day

    Today is Father’s Day..a day set aside by society to honor the importance of Fathers in our lives. On days like’s important to remember what really makes a father. After all..what’s the old adage? Any man can make a child..but it takes someone very special to be a father. I have always believed this to be true.  

    I see the first part of that old adage every day at work. Kids come in who don’t even know who their fathers are. I  also see the other side…guys who have no biological connection to a child whatsoever..stepping up and raising a child and being a father to that child…and all by choice. In a society where more and more men try to shirk the responsibility of being a father...these fathers by choice are for sure..role models for us all.

    Although I will cherish and appreciate the time I spend with my father this morning..for me the only man my heart truly belongs to on Father’s day is my grandfather. My father was absent for more than half of my life..and in that time, my grandfather stepped in as best as he could to fill that role for me. Even from 1200 miles away, he remained interested, engaged and loving.  When I was younger there was no subject I could not turn to him about.  While he had a reputation for being ornery, stubborn and short tempered..these were traits I rarely saw in him. Rather..I saw in him gentleness, humor and love. He was a man who was devoted to his family and loved them without condition. There was no act that could shake his love. Even when, a few years before his death, my own father popped back into the picture..the way that my grandfather was able to unconditionally forgive him was..for sure..a lesson for me and an indication of the kind of father he was.

    I would..literally…give everything I own in life just to be able to hear him laugh..or see him smile or hear his voice one more time. I am thankful that when I think of is always with a smile on my face and I am thankful for all the life lessons he taught me.

    I hope everyone enjoys either time with or memories of the men who mean the most to them today.

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    Re: Happy Father's Day

    What a beautiful and touching tribute to your grandfather, miscricket.