Is this the dumbest generation?

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    There you have it. Thank you.

    The book/article in question classifies this ENTIRE generation the same way. I'm just trying to say that that's wrong. I know there are people who are socially inept, and in some cases it's their own fault and in some cases it's their parents' fault. That doesn't matter. What matters is that people don't write off the entire generation as dumb.
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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Questionaire answers are about the same as in the 50's except that we did not have PC's. Todays focus is a bit different but we will survive. MOST of the young people have a good world knowledge as to my day-that they need.
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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    I have never voted Republican and never will.Divorce rates?� Your generation barely knows what a relationship is!� All you do is "hook up."Please.�

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    All you have to do for confirmation is to watch a "Jaywalking" segment on the Tonight Show.� Although Leno uses it for laughs, it's pretty scary to think there are this many self absorbed morons walking around.�� The sad part� though is that many wear this stupidity as a badge of honor.� Intelligence seems to be frowned upon.� Of course there is plenty of blame to direct at the morons who raised and educated this generation as well.� As long as you feel good about yourself, all is well.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Excellent post.
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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    One day, and much sooner than you thing, you are going to wake up, realize that you are 50, remember what you just wrote, and regret it.
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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Yes, sadly, my life is a bore, but my relating it was not irrelevant.� I was trying to explain the degree to which we were passionately devoted to something more important than ourselves, which, apparently, you do not understand.��However, �I am neither ignorant nor crotchety, and your use of those words and characterizations are merely your desperate attempts� to find simple ways to dismiss your lack of compassion and comprehension.� I am also not an "aging failure" or an undereducated whiner.� Although I did not realize a successful career related to my advanced degree (hardly undereducated), I nevertheless consider myself successful in other ways.� I promise not to bore you with the details.Ironically, I was just out by myself and ran into a young person I know and had a long conversation with this person about the dialogue going on today.� He recently quit college because he couldn't stand the people around him, always on cell phones, always talking with strings of letters rather than words. He, not me, characterized them as lazy and spoiled.��This is someone of your generation who hates being a part of it.� He also said he fears for the future of this country!� I didn't even suggest this.� He just volunteered all of it. I'm am now bored myself with this never-ending dialogue going nowhere.� Let's just let it be and go our separate ways.Have a nice night.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Yes, this is the dumbest generation ever and we can thank our society for that.�Our children�have everything, expect everything, and we deliver. We have taught them very little of the work ethic that was once a major part of American culture. You should read the book: NO WONDER THEY ARE THE WAY THEY ARE (and what to do about it).

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    I'm just repeating what he said.� Maybe he has particular sensitivities.� I don't know.� He's weighing his options at the moment.� Honestly, I'm not making this up.� Just thought I'd pass it along.� See you.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    I have to strongly agree with this article. I work for a local university, and I deal with the type of kids in the is article on a daily basis. Here are several other reasons that come to mind: 1. These kids answer a majority of questions directed at them with the response: "I dont know." But always seem to have an answer for someone else when you are not speaking to them directly (laughing). 2. They would rather take the word of someone else (who 9 out of 10 times is just giving them their opinion)�instead of asking a primary source. They have the bad habit of asking you if they are allowed to do something that deals with another department instead of calling that department to ask their question. They eithe need a middle man or deal with things indirectly. 3. I have had students bring mail from their homes to ask me: what is this? or what does this letter mean? 4. They dont know how to ask questions. They flood you with information and expect you to disect the information to help them ask a question. 5. They can create webpages, but they are not able to access a information systems to obtain important information.6. They are not able to follow directions in writing or on a computer monitor, so they end up doing things incorrectly several times. Then the parent has to call because the student has placed the blame on the system and not their inability to follow directions. ��

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Shut off the iPod, turn off the TV, shut down the laptop, fold up the Globe, close Mark Bauerlein's book and stop the nonsense that is dribbling from your mouths.

    Now stand up, stare off into the distance and think!

    Now you're smart...regardless of your age.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Bauerlein's book is just the latest iteration of a perennial trend.

    "The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for
    authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place
    of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their
    households. They no longer rise when elders enter the room. They
    contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up dainties
    at the table, cross their legs, and tyrannize their teachers."

    A paragraph from Bauerlein's book, right?

    Wrong -- this is Socrates, complaining about the youth of Ancient Greece.
    In every generation, the elders carp about the youngsters.
    For a boomer-era version of the same phenomenon, consider
    these lyrics by Lee Adams from Bye Bye Birdie (1963):

    I don't know what's wrong with these kids today!
    Who can understand anything they say?
    They are disobedient, disrespectful oafs!
    Noisy, crazy, dirty, lazy, loafers!
    While we're on the subject:
    You can talk and talk till your face is blue!
    But they still just do what they want to do!
    Why can't they be like we were,
    Perfect in every way?
    What's the matter with kids today?
    I've tried to raise him the best I could
    Kids! Kids!
    Laughing, singing, dancing, grinning, morons!
    And while we're on the subject!
    Kids! They are just impossible to control!
    Kids! With their awful clothes and their rock an' roll!
    Why can't they dance like we did
    What's wrong with Sammy Kaye?
    What's the matter with kids today?

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    And what generation would that be?
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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Today's young people have no concept of life without cell phones, laptops, MySpace, Wii, video games and digital music, and that's not their fault - it's just progress.� Growing up we had 4 TV channels but we had TV, something our parents did not have as children.� Of serious concern today are factors such as the lack of interest in spelling properly, the posting of compromising photos and text online for the world to see and the notion that some video games are not only acceptable in mainstream society but 'cool.'� These patterns and/or influences do not serve today's young people well in the real world, where a report to your boss will not be well received if it includes verbage such as "we were lookin 4 a nu way 2 sort this data 4 u."� (How hard is it to actually spell out real words anyway?)� Likewise, the youngsters who think it's awesome to post their drunken spring break escapades may have a rude awakening when it's time to apply for college or work.� The dumbest generation?� They are to some degree products of their environment, but they also have many more resources and opportunities than most generations have had.� How they decide to utilize them may best decide their intelligence level.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    This segment flat-out offended me. I am a 21-year old college student, and, as such, a member of this so-called "dumbest generation." I go to a good college, get good grades (not just because professors are worried about my self-esteem), and read for enjoyment. I spend too much time on Facebook and on instant messaging programs, but I always use perfect grammar and punctuation in my writings on those media, and I correct my friends who do not.

    Now, I also know that I am not typical among my peers. I have occasionally been accused of being pedantic, usually by people who do not actually know that word and just say that I am "too smart," but I have never been ridiculed for original thought. Even among those who do not read classic literature, aliteracy is not "trumpeted;" the success of the Harry Potter books is just one example of the still-powerful interest in reading among young people.

    My generation is also very interested in world events, contrary to what the article said (and, as a side note, I find it interesting that the author used a television reference, "Jaywalking," to explain his point to a supposedly-more literate readership). It is not uncommon for college students to discuss the Iraq War, the Darfur crisis, or the presidential election. During the summer of 2006, I volunteered for the Deval Patrick campaign, and there was a huge number of college students who did the same. At Governor Patrick's inauguration, much of the assembled crowd was under the age of 30, clearly showing that they were interested in the politics of the Commonwealth. Time Magazine published a cover story in February about young voters becoming increasingly involved in the political process, with increased turnout from when today's over-30 set made up "young voters."

    If you still want to claim this as the "dumbest generation," much blame should go to the education system. The MCAS test, and other similar standardized tests that measure only math and English skills focus learning into those specific areas. Students only feel they need to read� what will be applicable to them on the tests, and ignore whatever other literature or subjects might help them at some other point in life. If civics or spelling were required for graduation, you can be sure many more students would have more concern for those subjects. Even if the education system is liberalized to ensure that students learn and are tested on a variety of important subjects, there will always be that loud and stupid minority who bring down the reputations of everyone in the generation. Every generation has them, but, as each generation gets older, that minority at the bottom settles itself into unskilled jobs and the highly-educated minority at the top forgets about them. It is more than likely that, in thirty years, my generation will write about the next in this same way.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    This is so stupid I can't even get into it. I'm 17 in public high school and I'm really tired of all you self-affirming egotistic baby boomers who can't stop gloating about how much better you are than everyone else. My generation takes fewer drugs, is less violent, commits fewer crimes, and is more likely to go college than yours. This, apparently, makes us dumber.

    Good thing the dumbest generation doesn't read newspapers so that articles like this will never be published in the future.
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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    I'd like to see the results on this "Teenagers Making Change" study you've done. What's that? You have done a study? You're just going based off of your biased observations? Observations that are most likely influenced by your preexisting biases? I'm sure you paid attention to all people equally right? You ever see an adult try to make change without a register? They're just as bad.

    But, let's pretend your incorrect assessment is actually true. Who's fault is it that children are not being taught to do simple math from memory? Is it the children's fault, for not being taught the skills necessary? Should the children revolt until they are taught said skills?

    Of course, it couldn't be the parents' fault. They never do anything wrong. It's all the kids fault that they're raised inadequately. That makes plenty of sense.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    That was more interesting than the article itself.
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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Okay. This article is primarily a piece of provocative, sensationalist cack design to validate the prejudices of the Baby Boomers. Baby Boomers that want to blame technology and consumerism for the products of their failed parenting and selfishness. Not that some of the 'opinions' in the article don't have some things with which I agree, but look at the 'role models' that these kids have been given. Take the President of the United States for example. Remember back in the late 80's when it was a huge scandal that Dan Quayle couldn't spell potato at a grammar school spelling bee? Now we've got a President that can hardly open his mouth without some offense against logic, grammar, common sense et al. The message to these kids - "it's ok to stay dumb, you can still achieve" or even worse "why try so hard in school and expand your knowledge when there's nothing in America remotely resembling a meritocracy anymore." And the 'role models' of their own generation that we love to hate? The Paris Hiltons and Lindsay Lohans and similar dummies? They are the creations of giant media conglomerates, propped up to sell products and lifestyle to this target demographic. Companies owned by the supposed older and wiser generation. A bunch of baby boomers who sold out big time from the sixties and now only care about the bottom line and lining their pockets - no matter the true costs to society. If you want these kids to be less vapid and more critically-minded, then actually invest in them and stop molding them into little consumerist morons for your own gain.
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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    This article has no evidence to support it and is unbalanced.

    First, many young people are much smarter and curious than before.� While many do not enjoy reading books, they write blogs and read interesting news on the internet.� Different applications, such as stumbleupon (which brings you to websites based on your interest) help yound people satiate curiosities.

    Second, he automatically takes a negative approach to IM and internet lingo.� For centuries, language has been altered to make it easier for people to read: commas were added, periods placed to separate words.� Our entire history of grammar is based upon the reader.� This generation has made it easier for the writer to get across a clear message quickly.� Text messages on phones are limited in space.� It's actually very ingenius that young people have discovered how to shorten messages.

    It is simply not true that this is the dumbest generation; it would be impossible to categorize the "dumbest generation".�� People enjoy sugarcoating the past, but in reality more young people, especially women, are going to colleges and universities now. Travel and specialty camps are at an all time high.� This generation is different, but not dumb, be fair.�

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Um. So you can think of this in one of two ways:

    Either the preceeding generation invented all these video games and the internet and everything blamed for making us "the dumbest [sic] generation," or our generation invented all of them. If the former, shame on you, the "#### generation;" if the latter, screw you, we're smart enough to invent sweet video games and an internet.
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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Ridiculous, stereotyped, and irrelevant.Numbers 3, 5, and 7 are more indicative of the Worst Generation - the baby boomers - than of mine.� Grand Theft Auto was designed by members of that generation.� Members of that generation, not ours, are responsible for failing schools and self-esteem grading.� We are but the casualities.A higher percentage of high school seniors go on to college now than ever before.� This will, naturally, increase the number of students who need remedial training, as colleges are not accepting only the top students.� When you include the left-hand side of a bell curve, you will bring down the average.Teenagers and twenty-somethings blog.� The internet is not limited to WSJ online and Myspace; there are literally millions of bloggers, most of them young.� Blogging gets people writing on a daily basis, allows their writing to be critiqued, and encourages them to research on the internet, back themselves up, and engage in debate.Stereotypes aside, modern teenagers are incredibly busy.� I've taught kids who have played instruments, participated in varsity sports, volunteered for local groups, and kept top grades.� They sleep, at most, a five to six hours per� night.� Many of them also hold jobs.A professor of mine commented recently that he was impressed with the caliber of students at my law school.� Unlike in years past, the school is accepting people who have work experience, a definite reason for being in law school, and the maturity to handle the work.� That is not the hallmark of the "dumbest generation."Perhaps if the professor who put this together actually spent time engaging his students instead of writing them off as brain-dead internet addicts, he would be pleasantly surprised at the drive, intellect, and ambition exhibited by today's young people.�

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    I do believe that the majority of those kids you employ are checking messages. Reading clocks was a basic part of our education just as it was yours.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    As I am currently a sophomore in high school, I'd say I take offense to this.� The majority of the the things that "make us stupid" are all caused by our parents' generation.�

    The internet is an essential part of our lives.� At least half of my homework requires use of the internet and most of the rest is typed on the computer.� The fact that we can't spell is a direct result of the fact that we have to type all of our papers.� We have no need for spelling because we have spell check for all of our important documents.� In addition, I would like to know why a lack of capitalization proves that we are dumb.�

    Video games?� How would we play video games if our parents didn't buy the gaming systems for us?� It is a fact that when kids' parents can't figure out what to do to entertain them, they sit them down in front of a TV or buy a gaming system and allow them to play violent, moronic games that encourage commiting felonies.�

    We aren't encouraged to write creatively or about important topics by our teachers, why would you expect our friends to be supportive of it?� I would love to express my views about any number of issues facing both my generation and the world, instead I am research papers about the Wampanoag Native Americans.� While it's good to know about other cultures, I think that something slightly more creative than "Introduction, Body Paragraph, Body Paragraph, Body Paragraph, Conclusion" could be thought of.�

    So do you remember all the information you read about in a book?� What about in the newspaper?� And if you read it online instead of in the newspaper, do you remember it better?� Worse?� Does this have any bearing on your intelligence or mine?

    ��� "because their parents don't check their bedrooms at midnight to halt the instant ��� ��� ��� messaging..."
    This makes us stupid?� The fact that our parents don't force us to go to bed makes us stupid?� I'm confused.� Probably because my parents haven't sent me to bed yet.�

    I also object to the stereotypes given in this article.� I don't think a single one of them applies to me or most of my friends.�

    I know more about world politics than the majority of your generation.� I think the fact that more people voted for American Idol last year than for president in 2004 speaks just as loudly about your generation as mine.�

    I love reading books.� I read constantly.� My dad never reads books.� How many of you had read five full Shakespeare plays by the time you were in 10th grade?� How many of you have read five full Shakespeare plays now?

    I am capable of both spelling and capitalization.� I correct adults' grammar all the time.�

    My friends and I love reading each others' stories and poems.� We are supportive of each other.� Plenty of people my age express themselves through poetry and their writing.

    If you actually read this far, I'd asume you figured out that my point is, not all kids think this way, plenty of members of your generation do, stop sterotyping.�

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    I'm 37 and not quite lumped into this books group (I hope). At face value I can't agree with his argument about this being the dumbest generation. How many of the generation before has consisitently said that about the generation they've spawned or the generation after that? I think this is just typical generational�friction (the generation gap)�and can't be looked at in isolation without a look at the current school administrative/teaching policies and parenting styles that were set up by past generations(i.e. my generation and the ones before that).��