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Is this the dumbest generation?

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    This is a ridiculous statement.� First of all, lumping everyone in this generation as one is obviously not a fair comparison.� Either way, I would point to rising SAT scores (in my graduating class at least), and the ease and freedom with which this generation can access information.� Yes, there are those out there who simply pass the information along without an real retention, but to believe that this unprecidented access to information is making people dumber...well, speaks to the ignorance of the person making the statement.� Laziest generation, possibly, do we have an unearned sense of entitlement, probably, but dumbest?� Absolutely not.� This seems to me to be the classic "older generation feels threatened so they call the younger generation dumb" stuff that has been going on for years.� Don't worry old people, we're not going to take over....yet.� But I will just say, you all have a lot of nerve calling us dumb when you've put us, and the rest of this country in the situation we're in now.� Record deficits, war and an international opinion of th US that, lets just say isn't shining.� Grow up and realize that this generation could be the most informed, most productive and hopefully most peaceful in US history.� Or you could just call us dumb.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Please be kind to Mark Bauerlein for as with any other employee (english professor) who is becoming outdated, the dinasour roars the loudest.

    I'm from the "older generation" but what i see of the youth of today is hardly different than what i saw from my own. Thery're still split along the same fault lines. You've got some kids who are image concious, some kids who take a greater world view at an earlier age, some kids who are painfully shy and don't fit in.

    We can only hope the image concious get over themselvs and go on to do great things, that those who view the world other than themselvs go on to do great things and that the shy come out of thier shells and do great things.

    If Mark took the time to know his students he'd find like i have that there are plenty who care about the planet, country and people who live on it (and they probably play GTA4 too).

    When mark was born "ain't" wasn't in the dictionary but now it is, did he cry for our lost souls then?

    Unfortunately if he saw the effect of his own predjudice in his views he'd keep quite. Let's raise a glass to mark for his time has come.
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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    This is horrendously unscientific.

    GTA sales figures?� Their target audience is from teenagers up to 40 year olds.�

    Spelling mistakes have never been considered an indicator of intelligence

    The level of discourse has been raised in shows like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.� This generation doesn't just rely on sight gags and slapstick.�

    JayWalking is the antithesis of an accurate sample of people today.� You think if you answer the questions correctly you're going to make it on TV?

    If they aren't reading books, then why do you think Book sales are at all time highs?� the average book sold is now over 300 pages.� And that's completely disregarding all the reading they do online.� If it's not printed and bound, it can't be worth reading, right?

    No, the reason this generation might be the dumbest is the persistence of misleading information and gross generalizations.� Just like this article.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Spelling may not be subjective, but it is mutable.

    Do you still spell color with or without a u?

    Because the English still spell it Colour.�

    Who is correct?� both.

    Languages change.

    Even LOLSpeak is a new language.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Dparsons nailed it.� Each generation has its pitfalls.� However, hindsight is always 20/20, especially for an older�generation that is known for casting off all responsibility and delving into a world of drug-induced hippie-fests.� The author should have focused on more troubling trends, like a growing sense of entitlement in members of our generation who expect to rise to the top with minimal effort.� Instead, the author sounds like an old grouch, complaining about "those kids" and their "newfangled technology."� Plenty of us write with no care for grammar in some settings and with academic precision in others.� It is simply another form of code-switching.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    I agree!� As an intelligent 25-year-old woman I take umbrage at the characterization of my entire generation as "dumb."� Yes, there are plenty of young people today who are dumb, play too many video games, and live in a vapid world of pop culture.� Yet for every one of those people, I would argue that there is an intelligent, well-read, ambitious and confident person under the age of 25 out there.� A group of my under-25 co-workers just attended a book reading together.� Sure, we like Judd Apatow movies and Wii just as much as the next guy, but we also discuss politics, books, and problems in society amongst other things.

    Also, I would ask the author if he has attended a Red Sox or a Bruins game lately. There he will see plenty of dumb, immature, and goon-like behavior from many New Englanders over AND under the age of 25. So please, do not limit dumbness to one generation. There are dumb people of every age.

    Stereotyping young people is not okay! This is a problematic phenomenon I have encountered since I entered the working world. Just because we are young it does NOT mean we are dumb.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    This doofus got me so irritated I had to register to respond. I'm 29 y/o and I guess this guy is using reverse psychology to get the point across and inviting replies so it worked because here I am. What's that song by Mike & the Mechanics it goes 'every generation blames the one before' so what because we don't talk into the early morning about the meaning of life or go to concerts on Yasgur's farm we somehow are retarded? Granted it only takes one bad apple but geez cut us some slack old geeser. I spent a lot of time with the Dewey Decimal system in grade school and more time in the library in college (yes I did go) and while I got helpful info on the internet to aide my research I certainly didn't substitute it for my's not our fault that we can get info on anything we want with the click of the mouse and just because we IM doesn't mean we're inept at actual conversations and I didn't use spellcheck to type this up thank-you very much and I use shorthand when I IM but that's because I have a lot to say not because I can't spell...I could go on and on but I'm at work (oh yeah I do have a job) and no I don't live at home and I have a 401k too yeah I care about retirement. And it really gets to me that flower children get all this aknowledgement I mean all they did was get stoned and fight the war the world we're living in now pales in comparison to the world you are from, different times call for different measures, but that doesn't make us less intelligent, it's just that we have more things going on and found quicker ways to get what needs to get done done because we have better things to do and more places to go...
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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    I concur with Bauerlein with some additional observations: I retired from practice as a psychotherapist in Middle Tennessee and taught college Psych and Soc for five years.� During that entire time and with classes averaging 20 -30 students, 4 classes a semester, I encountered about five students that I thought had a true thirst for knowledge.� I am not saying they were gifted but the real qualifier here is that they possessed a "thirst for knowledge" which, I believe, is where the problem lies.� We have developed an educational system that is a parts replacement factory for the economic system.� Grade, middle and high school teachers have responded by teaching formulaically with such behaviors as "teaching the test" and students have gleaned from this that their overall educational goal is obtaining a credential or credentials and not knowledge per se because they have no idea what knowledge is (their stupid fathers and mothers come from the same process and never read to them).� Managers and bosses today (unless they gained their berths through sanguine or non-sanguine nepotism) are promoted on the bases of successful scholastic advancements:� a high school diploma is the first estimable credential, an "associates degree" is the second, and so on.� The quality of the work (perusing an applicants transcripts)� is never done and they are culled by the academic hurdles they have successfully completed.� Generally, the actual field of study is of no interest.� More astute employers will look at prior military membership, altogether to determine if Mikey or Suzie will be dutiful little cogs in the wheel of company progress.� All of this coming together to make the good old USA the damned dumbest country in the developed world.

    R. Hudson now in Illinois

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Reading this, it leads me to believe that whatever generation Bauerlein identifies with is the dumbest. How can anyone make such sweeping generalizations? I'm 30, and meeting many folks in their 20s makes me feel intellectually inadequate. The brighest of the younger generation are *really* bright. I think that if I were applying to the college I went to today, I would not get in.

    Also Bauerlein offers no proof (at least in the short quotes presented here) that the things he claims makes kids dumb actually do make them dumb. For example, The Economist has had a few articles in the past couple years about the benefits video games, and has noted studies that have actually found it to be beneficial. As I understand, there hasn't been proof that video games are detrimental.

    I think that blaming new technologies for inadequacies in education is just an excuse presented by an old dinosaur. He claims that people under 30 only use the internet to receive information. Even if that is true, how can it be bad? It's like a giant library that is way more accessible. I think the internet allows people to be more informed, even smarter. If the younger generation is indeed "the dumbest," could it be due to No Child Left Behind-like policies of teaching to the test? Could it be helicopter parents interfering in their children's eduction? Could it be the lack of pay and respect for teachers? I hardly think technology is the culprit.
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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Grammer is also a misspelling.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    That would be "grammatical" please.
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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    I don't know, but they sure look dumb staring into space with those iPods in their ears rocking their head back and forth and that TSHTSHTSH is aggravating. Reading a book is so much more dignified and people look over your shoulder rather than avoid the excess noise from an iPod.
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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    "Most" is a tricky word. It is both a singular and plural pronoun based on construction. It's use is similar to all, any, more, most, none, some. �

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Always a tough choice on the its/it's. It slipped by me. The best way to�determine which to use was to replace with "his" or "hers". If it didn't make sense, it was "it is". No one ever (maybe I am being kind) spells hers, "her's".�� Do they?

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Don't blame the kids-it's not their fault! This is just a symptom of our ailing society. We are always rushed, stressed, overworked and overweight. Our attention span is limited to the 15 second news clip. Our family unit is little by little destroyed and our communities are dissolving. We are more and more isolated. We are afraid to let our kids play outside in fear of the pedofile lurking in the bushes or driving in vans around the school.

    The author should stop preaching how awful the new generation is. Maybe he should hang out more with his nephews or nieces and try to understand them.

    Teachers can only do so much in school. It's called parenting.� The kids are the way they are because that's how we've raised them.

    And most parents do their best to keep the kids happy, balance family time,� and earn a living.� Stop making them guilty about everything! They do so much more than their parents did!

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    the smug self absorbed author forgets that "he who is without sin casts the first stone". as dylan says, "don't criticize what you can't understand". i can't stand self-righteous insufferable old farts like him and his detestable ilk. i have a suggestion for you - slink away and melt back into your inchoate ooze. what a waste of time you are!
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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Sunday night baseball (ESPN) was incorrect last night with their title of Terry Francona as the "Red Soxs Manager."

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Wow, I'm really glad that the people of my parent's generation have so little faith in the school systems they paid for us to participate in (whether public or private), as well as their own parenting skills that they feel the need to label my generation "stupid." Need I remind you that the people denouncing us as lazy, shiftless, stupid or any of the other derogatory terms that have been used, were the very people who spent the better part of 18 years trying to shape us into functioning adults.

    So either my generation is really, really good at fighting off parental teachings, or our parents really don't think very much of their progeny at all.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    The good professor should take a good hard look at his own generation.� You know, the one that contains the current crop of greed driven CEO's.� Their legacy will be the undoing of the economy of the richest nation in the world.� Who's the dumb one?

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    No, not the dumbest because today's generation has access to far more information via the most advanced technology at t heir fingertips.� Spelling, grammar and math skills are� much weaker due to spellcheck features and calculators on hand held cell phones or other gadgets that do the thinking for them.�� The art of handwriting is almost obsolete with the exception of a written signature requirement �thanks to computer printers and email taking the place of handwritten letters.�� I do think we will see an increase in hearing loss at an earlier age due to being plugged into iPod's, the noise from video games, surround sound speakers and car speakers that cause the vibration of the base to go right through Can't imagine how this affects the eardrums.Other than that, to call this generation dumb is rude and feel�there are more smart young adults today than ever before. To label an entire generation based on the few bad examples is unfair.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    You have got to be kidding.� The only problems for this generation are the parents and adults who refuse to exert any extra effort in order to properly discipline these kids!

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    "I don't know, but they sure look dumb staring into space with thoseiPods in their ears rocking their head back and forth and thatTSHTSHTSH is aggravating. Reading a book is so much more dignified andpeople look over your shoulder rather than avoid the excess noise froman iPod."

    I SERIOUSLY hope whoever wrote this post is kidding. Since when is reading a book "more dignified" than listening to music? This is an insane comment!
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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    I HIGHLY resent this article.� To say that we are the dumbest generation is by and far a stereotype that unfairly speaks about my generation.� To say that electronics is dumbing us down is just ignorant!� Where regular human social interaction can't solve a problem, the internet a lot of times is a medium that can.� For a kid in highschool who is having trouble relating to his/her peers, the internet can be a vast ocean of people with similar interests of any kind.� So maybe the reason the kids spend more time online is because they feel less like losers and don't feel the need to spend their weekends at home, critically thinking and reading books, because they do have a place to go to get human interaction.� And mark my words, in 10 years, a blog will win a pulitzer.� And not because we are too stupid to realize the difference between a book and a webpage, but because we will find we can learn much more from unedited human thoughts and feelings than from some corporate processed book by the new "in" author.
    ��� And let's not forget the creativity that flows through the internet.� Maybe instead of trying to solve our problems by throwing money at it, like the current generation, my generation will think outside of the box and get ourselves out of this god awful economic funk our country is in.� Yeah, give everyone $600, that will solve everything.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Whoever wrote (and/or entitled) this article needs to be raked over the coals for hypocrisy because of how bad its "thesis statement" is: these "reasons why" conflate causal explanations of dumbness with mere indicators of it in a way that would merit at best a B- in the writing tutorial I taught a local university.�

    This article was shallow and mean-spirited by adopting as indicators of dumbness metrics that are in the eyes of the beholder.� Since when is spelling a key indicator of intelligence?� Some people may value it for the sake of orderliness, but to use it as an indicator of intelligence is a half-step from requiring penmanship evaluation for college admissions essays.�

    An article more enlightening than mean-spirited by actually get at the causal "reasons why" (as this article falsely advertised itself) this generation, which probably have a lot do with the business strategies of the leaders of the M-industries (magazines, movies, media, marketing, Madison Avenue), almost all of whom are of a different generation (perhaps the same generation as the authors of this article and the book).

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    I can see how tempting it is to label today's youngest generation as hopelessly disconnected from reality or, put simply, just plain dumb.� But as one of the earliest posters to this discussion thread pointed out, the pot-smoking, acid-dropping, free-love hippie freaks of the 1960's certainly must have seemed equally as stupid and lost to their 'greatest generation' parents as our millennials do to theirs.This is not to say that there isn't a legitimate cause for concern.��For me the current obsession with standardized testing, as opposed to actually 'learning', is proof enough that there is a problem.� But when you think about it, you have to accept the fact that today there are just so many more ways to store, process, and deliver information instantly that very little of it actually needs to be stored the old-fashioned our heads!� In effect, we've become vicitms to our own technological�progress, at least to a point.I'm sure many will disagree with this and still cling to the notion that young people today are all just stupid, or high on 'whip its'.� But be honest, when was the last time you actually dialed a phone number WITHOUT the use of your speed dial?