Is this the dumbest generation?

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Earn it, in my opinion we are just as worthy of respect as any other generation.�In that case, you are doomed to be on the short end of that stick every time. Nobody but your parents are going to respect you just because you were born.�We work harder then you guys did at your age and are expected to work harder still.�Really? Aren't you the ones with all the technical advances that make everything so much easier? Please substantiate that statement with some facts, otherwise you are just shooting your mouth off.�As for bieng an obnoxious putz, well I geuss when I to am old and have outgrown my usefulness I will start bagging on the younger generation on their inadeqaucies, which have no bearning on their intellegence.�Nobody is ever to old to be useful, but as far as intelligence goes, the ability to communicate effectively is the first sign of intelligence. If you can't produce proper sentence structure, in written or spoken word, how can you expect anybody to understand you? Clearly spelling isn't one of your stronger points, how is it possible to research anything if you can't spell words correctly?

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    as a British citizen I claim it is America as a nation who cannot spell: color is actually spelled colour. Dumbing down it seems in inherent in your nature.� �Then you would be wrong because in America we spell it color. �Dumbing down it seems in inherent in your nature.� �And yet you take exception to a broad generalization made against your generation. Do you see the irony in your statement?�Such shameless defamation of a whole generation is utterly deplorable, and the spreading of such over 30s wrinkle propaganda should be stamped out..�Let's try it this way: "Such shameless defamation of Americans is utterly deplorable, and the spreading of such anti-American propaganda should be stamped out." �You must not forget, we are the ones who will be looking after you when you cannot look after yourselves.
    Much like your parents looked after you when you could not look after yourself?�thea_622, you shouldn't critique someone else's�flawed opinions�by making the same mistakes yourself.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    From a 20-year old member of this "dumb generation":

    Despite the fact that I am guilty of playing video games in high definition,procrastinating on Facebook while I should be studying for exams, listening to music on my iPod while reading textbooks for class, andno, I don't always use capital letters on AIM (though misspellings domake me cringe...), I do find problems with this argument.� The firstwould be the lack of confidence in this new generation.� With time,this Generation X will mature.� We will grow up to be the future presidents of the United States, the CEOs of Fortune 500 Corporations, and diplomats to foreign countries.� Odds are high-technology being developed today -- for example video-conferencing and cross-continent real-time cell phone calls -- will also have been researched, developed, and implemented by our generation.�

    To say that we are dumbed-down by making these choices to watch TV, listen to our iPods, or Google useless facts is a bit incorrect -- we were raised in this culture ofvideos, music, and multimedia.� It's what we know.� We grew up onusing Google to find out which Red Sox player had the highest career batting average, wewatched cartoons on TV on Saturday mornings with our parents ratherthan reading the comics in the Sunday Globe, and even got homework helpfrom the internet on how to solve double integrals.� To say that this "digitalization" of information isdumbing down future generations of the world is an overstatement, if it's notdownright wrong.

    In fact, we are witty.� We are smart.� Many of us have our own personal voiceand style when we write, and even enjoy reading and writing.� To groupour entire generation under this one label is outlandish.� As a memberof this new generation that is supposedly dumber than previousgenerations, I believe we as a culture need to embrace thismodernization of information and the skills that we, the generation raised in this culture and brought up being comptuer-literate, have, rather than scrutinize the ease with whichwe are able to find and use these facts.� After all, who will lead thisculture, country, and the world into the future?

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    The author seems as unaware of cultural history as the objects of his scorn . . . first of all, every generation gets dressed down like this by its withered, embittered predescessors.� Time was, ragtime, its rhythms prompting the young to base and lascivious behaviors,� was going to be the downfall of civilization, not GTA.� Standardized spelling is actually a fairly recent invention; noted doofus Edmund Halley once asserted that he could never respect a man of such limited intellect that he could think of only one way to spell a word.� In the Phaedrus Plato (speaking through Socrates) laments that the advent of certain new information technologies (in this case, writing) would result in the mass stupidifcation of civilization, because we wouldn't need to remember things anymore.� Finally, I've got to note the irony that this blazing critic of the dumbing-down of our world is content to have his own message evaporated into eight bite-size infonuggets, duly illustrated with pointless stock photos.� Way to fight the power, professuh!� But he may be right, inasmuch as I feel stupider for having clicked through all eight points, and an utter dupe for having used my dwindling mental resources to respond.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    I'm the last 2 years I've read over 40 books on my own time...among them 2 dostoevsky novels, ernest gann's 'fate is the hunter', biographies on Andrew Carnegie, Che guevara and timothy Leary., I could go on.� You get the point, people are still reading and want to read.� I also love to text message, am a youtube junkie, spend too much time on the web and probably contribute a lot less to society than I should.� That said this article sort of peeves me.� Broad sweeping sterotypes are never the answer.� The 'generation' mentioned is also paving the way in politics (Obama's head speechwriter is 26) finance, education, healthcare etc etc etc.� To cast aside a generation as dumb without examining the whole is irresponsbile and borderline catty.� I think older folks have a tendency to write off our generation as lazy and dumb b/c we are much more laid back and pay more attention to our social lives than generations before.� We see this everyday, people hop jobs, hop apartments, dont get married until� late 20's or 30's....we're different, not dumb.But as a concession, there are some real meatsticks out there.��

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    go back to the infographics here....go to #3 They Can't spell...and then put on your glasses and read the top two lines of the IM....hilarious.��

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Absolutely.� I particularly like # 3, although I don't think it's entirely their own fault.� There has been the elimination of phonics from every school curriculum across the country over the past 30 years that has only been reinstated halfheartedly in recent years.� if you look at the statistics, the rapid decline in spelling skills can be directly related to the removel of phonics from the classroom and it's replacement with whole language, which pays no attention to the etymology of�words or any of the rules of the english language.� This has been one of the biggest disservices done to our children by "educators" ever.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    �I think the 8 reasons given are an example of why the author's generation may be dumber. There is no actual hard evidence presented. It just seems to be a collection of�old fart complaints about how the world was better way back when even though it is far from true. How scientific can this argument be if it is using a skit from the Jay Leno show as an a reason? A� show that is not only the antithesis of intellectuality, but also NOT FUNNY. I guarantee the author could not figure out how to use Facebook or how to beat one of the video games he villifies. It's a moronic argument presented by a moron.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Amen to that cannot simply blame these kids for using the tools at their disposal, where are the people responsible for guiding these young minds and reminding them that they can still use the library and pick up a book, or that fresh air is actually a good thing?� Shut off the computer once in a while, leave the cell phone at home and take a walk, or go for a picnic.� If you have something to say to your children, say it to their face, not to their phone.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    First of all, I'm not mentioning my age. It's irrelevant and would flavor your reaction as you read this one way or the other.

    Here it is as I see it:

    It's not about whether or not the young of today are dumb. I actually don't think they are. What it's about is how amazingly self-centered today's youth culture has become. This is really the first generation to grow up in the Internet, Facebook, MySpace, IM, cellphone, YouTube, reality TV everyone's a star world. If I were to make any general comment about youth today, is that the tools they have available to shout at the world to look at them are vast beyond compare when put against generations past. And they use them ad nauseum, which gives them an air of self importance that's neither true nor relevant to their future. Where older generations collected coins or action figures, todays generation collect so-called friends. Not that youth generations of the past weren't self-centered, but they couldn't point a video camera at themselves, make a goofy face, and then share it with the world. Have you looked at YouTube lately? For every amusing or entertaining bit you see, there are countless lame uploads of kids in their bedrooms doing pretty much nothing of note. Then no doubt IM'ng their friends to "look at me!!!!!". So it's not about today's youth being dumb or not being able to make change, it's about them being sucked into the maw of a "notice me" youth culture. Can't really blame that on the fogies as all these social sites were created by young folks themselves. If ever the term "get over yourselves" made sense for a youth generation, it's this one.

    OK, I'll tell you. I'm 23. No wait, 49. No wait, what does it really matter anyway?

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    The dumbest generation? Really? As someone mentioned below, I hope that the author has substantial data to back up these claims. If the fact that a few airheads get caught by Leno's "Jaywalking" segment once in a while, that's hardly evidence a so called "academic" would use to make an argument of this magnitude.

    I'm not so sure that members of this generation have a blatant distaste for books. Given, there are numerous other choices for entertainment these days. But myself and many of my friends participate in monthly book clubs - voluntarily, of course - because we recognize the value of such endeavors. And among my friends are some of the most voracious readers I know.

    I find the video game argument to be pretty weak as well. In the 1950's, weren't comics going to be the downfall of civilization? And then rock n' roll music? And then MTV? Last time I checked, we were doing okay as a country, despite all these devilish things. To contend that the popularity of grand theft auto indicates a dumbing down of society as a whole, well I think it's a stretch. In high school, my friends and I used to play James Bond on Nintendo 64 during lunch breaks. Of the group of 5 of us who were a part of that, 2 are in medical school, one is in higher ed administration, another is a succesful stock analyst, and another is thriving in the real estate world. Sure, we could have been doing something else - but it doesn't seem to have had a severely negative affect on any of our careers.

    And finally, if this generation is so dumb, why do we see more 18 to 30 year olds actively engaged in the presidential� election than ever before? Because they are smart enough to realize how significant a decision is to be made in this country come November.� I'm not so sure a "dumbest generation" would have the brains to grasp the magnitude of the process the way this one has.

    To be fair, I'm 28 years old and thus in the author's opinion am a part of this so called "dumbest" generation. So yes, I take it personally.� If the author's intent was to provoke (which I imagine it was), he has certainly succeeded.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    I don't buy this argument.� The problem, in my opinion, is that dumb people outnumber smart people in every generation.� Of course people love to find someone dumber than themselves, and teens and young adults are easy targets.� I run a couple of ice cream stores and employ around 40 high school and college age kids and I have to say I haven't noticed any particular dumbening (to borrow a word from the Simpsons).� There are still bright kids who read, do homework and can spell and even do math.� I have one girl who insists on not using the register to do the math for her and she does fine.� There were more dumb/lazy kids in my class than smart kids, and I'm sure its the same today.� It's still not a good idea to stereotype a whole generation, lest you get stereotyped yourself, you hypocritical hippies.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    The dumbest generation?�� I'd have to say it's the one that lived in McMansions, bought massive TVs, ate huge quantities of meat,�and drove SUVs as the evidence of global warming piled up.None of the�above can be solely ascribed to any particular generation.� More like a catch-all list of stuff you just don't approve of.�

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Its not dumb - its called affluence, try getting an MBA and getting a real job - hippie.BtwI enjoy my 3700 sq ft houseI enjoy my $50,000 SUVI enjoy my $200 dinners at Ruth's ChrisI also work 60 hours a week and have earned everything I have.�I also give a significant amount to charity so get off your self righteous bandwagon -typical liberal

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Humans have reached their level of incompetence.� Peter

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Oh #### affluent one,

    If you work 60 hours a week, when do you get to enjoy your 3700 sf house?
    And how long is your commute? How's your fuel bill treating you?

    And by the way, your Ruth's Chris steaks are going to cost $200
    apiece (8 oz.) when the beef industry stats to collapse. I have a very good
    source for this info and cattle ranchers are selling off their stocks at an
    alarming rate, keeping the prices artificially low.

    See what happened to gas? Get ready for the cattle shortage.

    You're going to need more than a measly MBA soon. Enjoy the Tofu!

    I'm just picking on you because I read your ignorant, puerile reply. Sorry.
    It's just that your tone suggests that you're pissed off that nobody (in your 'real' life)
    appreciates you so you have to tee off in internet message boards and flaunt
    your apparent (yawn) success.

    You can't even use an apostrophe correctly. That illustrates the author's point right there.
    I also don't agree with the author's or anyone else's generalizations about age groups.

    But I DO believe that Ruth's Chris is involved with the confusion in America about
    Apostrophe's. Enjoy.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Hmmm.. self righteous one, I apparently struck a nerve.-->�-->Btw ? The restaurant is called Ruth?s Chris so the apostrophe is correct - idiot-->�-->Let me guess - -->�-->You have a doctorate in philosophy -but have a crappy job paying $40,000 a year for Greenpeace or some non profit where you sit around blaming the Bush administration for everything horrible about your life-->�-->You live in a one bedroom apartment near the T in -->-->Cambridge-->--> -->�-->You hate corporations and think they are evil despite the fact that they employ millions of middle class Americans-->�-->You think the rich and corporations should be taxed more despite irrefutable evidence to the contrary that this will hurt economic growth-->�-->You voted for Deval Patrick -->�-->You celebrated Earth Day with your 10� year old Birkenstocks-->�-->You love unions and think they are good for -->-->America-->-->-->�-->In fact you think -->-->America-->-->?s place as the lone superpower is somehow immoral-->�-->You didn?t belong to a sorority in college-->�-->You don?t read National Review-->�-->You lament the fact that more people watch Fox news than CNN�Am I close?�

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    And by the way - my purchase of an SUV keeps factory workers and engineers in Michigan employed, my consumption of meat helps the cattle industry in TX and OK and my consumption of gas helps oil companies in TX. Yes millions of middle class people work for oil companies domesticallyThe best social program is a job��

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    thanks for the tip on its - I am well aware of the difference but it 's 12:50 AM a**holelet me help you with counting� - it was actually 3 things you listedbtw - not sure I buy your agreement on the MBA thing - there are plenty of crappy law schools �- but education credentials mean nothing on their own if not accompanied by hard work. Bill Gates was a college dropout.You left wing nuts are so narrow minded that you peresecute and ridicule anyone who doesn't agree with you agenda - talk about ignorance - How dare I have�the�audacity to not share your politically correct view of life.���

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    well, you're already getting bashed by folks for your�comments, but i just cannot resist jumping in as well. there is no dumb generation, but there are alot of dumb people out there.�Al Gore will prove out to be one of this century's greatest buffoons,�but the real alarming issue is how many�people actually believe him, contrary to all the scientific proof. On TV, in newspapers, in schools, everywhere global warming is discussed as if it's factual.�Of course all those aforementioned sources are dominated by coincidence there. It's pure propaganda from an insignificant man seeking attention, and its wide acceptance is proof that there have never been so many dumb people alive at one time. it's probably just the result of�our high technology age;�the internet can spread intellect as well as folly in a flash. and liberals such as yourself are all about folly. ��

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    I believe global warming / climate change is the *majority* opinion of the meteorological community.� Like any good debate, there are opinions to the contrary. I am a lay person and can't honestly say what I believe.� HOWEVER, the fact the fossil fuels are finite resource with all sorts of insane muslim baggage is plenty reason enough to go green-er in my opinion.� And reason enough to NOT drive an SUV solo for 2 hours a day on dry, paved roads to go to/from work.��Not to mention the price of gas.� I am in favor of people buying whatever they want.� In fact, I wish this state made it more affordable to own multiple cars.� I would love to have an old Blazer parked at the end of the driveway under a tarp for the 4 or 5 days a year when I really need it.� And not have to insure it and pay excise on it for full 365 days.The thing that irks me the most are giant, cavernous houses which eat up climate control resources (oil, gas, electricity) on mostly unused rooms, and people who use large SUV's to commute themselves to work every weekday.� I don't think it's idiocy, but it's not the most practical use of money, and is draining our limited fossil fuel resources and driving the cost of gas (see supply vs demand).'� Not to mention that, like it or not, all this iraq, al qaeda, iran nonsense is pretty much based upon fossil fuel.� No one would care about these arid deserts and their weird populations otherwise.�

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    most scientists do not believe in global warming. CO2 is not the issue; the sun is the issue. The sun controls our temps. and it goes thru cycles. global warming alarmists/fanatics will not even respond to facts like our average temps have NOT been getting warmer very recently, on the contrary, it's been getting colder.� whatever�size car or�house you have�has no effect on the doesn't i agree that regardless of whether you buy into this hysteria or not, pollution is bad. our dependency on foreign oil is bad. but i believe if someone wants a huge house and they've worked for it, they are entitled to it. if you want to live in a shack with a candle, go nuts! technology is coming such that we will make better use of things like solar power and other sources of energy. technological advancements are most often initiated by need, and we�seem to all agree there is a need. �but don't shoot those who wish to enjoy their lives to the fullest. i liken it to�the current problem w/the environment radicals; they'd have us all hiding under our beds so as not to disturb some aspect of nature...forgetting all the while that mankind is part of nature and fully entitled to it.��������

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    I don't understand why the affluent have to degrade the lower classes and why the lower classes� have such a great disdain for the affluent. If you have alot of money and can afford a big house and a fancy tv thats� great. And if you choose to take a job in human services where pay is less and your happy without having these things thats ok too. I don't make alot of money and live in a 4 room apartment and I'm fine with that. I'm not hostile towards people who have more material things. I think this type of attitude just furthers the stereotype�of the "dumb" generation.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    people can do what they want with *their* money.� But too many people in this country are wasting *our* collective natural resources.Also, your claim that most scientists don't believe in global warming is suspect.� But instead of going back and forth, why don't we all take a moment to read an excellent wikipedia article that summarizes the whole consensus issue.� The key paragraph:
    "The majority of climate scientists agree that global warming is primarily caused by human activities such as fossil fuel burning and deforestation The conclusion that global warming is mainly caused by human activity and will continue if greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced has been endorsed by at least 30 scientific societies and academies of science, including all of the national academies of science of the major industrialized countries. The U.S. National Academy of Sciences, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the Joint Science Academies of the major industrialized and developing nations explicitly use the word "consensus" when referring to this conclusion."
    Whole article with citations: not interested in a flame war.� Just please read it.� It does cover the other side too.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    yes, most of�the 'academies' agree, even the bozos giving out Nobel prizes agree! academia=liberal=propaganda. harkening back to my original point, there's alot of really dumb people out there...and they're likely teaching (y)our kids.���