Is this the dumbest generation?

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Stcovel: Oh yes...real close. Like the CIA is close to getting Osama-close. You're so far off that I wonder
    just how much Fox news is rotting that biscuit you call a brain.
    Sounds like the AZ sun dried up your sense of humor before you limped here for
    money as well, sourpuss. -The Ruth's Chris comment I made was in jest, you idiot-extraordinaire.
    I know full well how your restaurant spells its name. You still have no reply for my cattle info, lame-o.
    I guess there's a shortage of wit among you types (yes, you are just one, stcovel1, of a predictable "type").
    I just hope you don't count the time you spend wanking on the internet as "work"
    you sad, sad idiot. And how do you enjoy your fuel bill with your SUV? $100 tank of gas...Pretty sweet, huh?

    Btw, you're wrong on just about every count on your Fox-news like analysis of who I am
    and where I come from.
    I would take the time to run down your idiotic punchlist of misconceptions, but I really do have to
    get to work. I work for a company that streamlines workforces and trims the fat, as it were.
    I'll have to introduce myself when I take your job away in this sluggish economy.

    Also, I love the way you think the US can keep up that "lone Superpower" rubbish.
    Study Roman history and you will realize it's the pompous ones like you who go down first
    for not giving a rat's a** about what it takes to keep a country together. It's all me-me-me-me-me-me!!


    Here's a short punch list of mine for you:

    -you frequently like to talk about "stcovel" until everyone around you is bored to tears (because you are boring).
    -then you talk about yourself to yourself until you get tired & log on to message boards to rant about how great you are.
    -then your significant other (I'd say wife or husband, but I can't tell what you are) complains that you spend more time on the computer than with him or her. Then you buy him or her something to fill the void.
    -then you go to Ruth's Chris (as part of your "60 hour" work week) and eat until your colon looks like downtown Bagdad. nasty!
    -Then you eventually develop ulcers, weird cysts, and drink expensive liquors to try to make it all go away.
    -Then you blame the people who are smart enough to take the T for all your problems.
    -Then you watch Fox news and fantasize about being sean Hannity's drinking buddy.
    -Then you wonder why people don't like you.

    I am close.

    In closing, when I don't respond to your next ridiculous reply, it doesn't mean you won. It means
    that I have way more important work to do than to quibble with peons who think they're kings.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    I'm not sure that�agreement of�all of the national academies of science of the major industrialized countries means that human-caused global warming is an irrefutable fact.� It only means that the majority of� men and women who dedicate their lives to the study of the earth's climate, have done the research and experimentation to come to that conclusion.��There are legit minority arguments against their conclusions.� Generally, they're more convincing than�"all those other scientists are liberal liars."�

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    i don't think they're all liberal liars; i think alot of them truly believe it. but don't forget, throughout history the 'majority' has often been wrong.��thousands of years ago, the majority believed the earth was flat...and that the earth was the center of the universe...and that there were gods of Love, Thunder, etc,. ..and today the majority believes there is some god of some kind...but if all Catholics are correct, doesn't that make all Muslims wrong? how can so many people be so wrong so much of the time?!!! my point is the majority does not equal the truth.���hey, we both agree pollution and fossil fuels are bad, let's leave it at that.������

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Unfortunately I'd have to agree with the premises in this book.� Maybe it's a 'new kind' of intelligence, but if so it's not too impressive.� Even though I'm 40 I'll use myself as an example - I used to be a great reader and now I hardly read any more because I'm addicted to internet and cable TV.� They (they younger folks) are getting too much lightweight information in too small bytes, and attention spans are getting shorter and shorter.� Nothing could replace the joy and excitement I used to get reading a good book, how good it felt to expend prolonged mental energy trying to understand a concept - no new media can beat that. I'm also appalled that teachers allow laptops in classrooms - more of a distraction than a teaching tool in my opinion, yet this has become the norm.� Sign of the times.� As for me I'm determined to shut off the noise and revisit�words�on page, and I'll start with the classics, dammit.� Now that's the stuff.� �

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    I have rediscovered reading through audiobooks.� It's great for long commutes.� And when in mp3 format, great for long flights, yard work, house work.� A light listen right before bed.I hadn't read a book in 3 years.� I started several, but got distracted or was too tired at bedtime.� Since converting to audiobooks, I've listened to dozens of unabridged books in the past 5 years.� It's so worth it.Just an idea.And regarding this article, I'll add something.� I think a lot more young people can't afford to live in the cities, which offer a better canvas for the imagination.� instead they live in suburbs etc.� Replacing cool coffee houses, rock clubs, dive bars, used book stores, are tgifridays and bad cover bands.� Not exactly fuel for the soul.The suburbs should be for after marriage etc, not after college.This is based on gut and anecdotal evidence and is as likely wrong as not.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Consensus does not equal evidence.� And yes, back in the middle-ages, the ones who pushed science were the lone mavericks.� Modern science is an entirely different animal.� Peer-review is the rule.� And you cannot just spout theories based on gut feelings, you need evidence.� And these�experts (not so-called�experts, actual experts) seem to overwhelmingly �believe the evidence they've seen.Again it's not proof, but I would definitely argue that scientific consensus is more of a compelling argument for a theory than against it.Me personally, I'm dubious about GW.� But as a lay person, my opinion is based on nothing, and doesn't matter anyway.� It is a irrefutable fact that, as a planet, we need to come up with better ways to�run things than rapidly burning through the remainder of fossil fuels.� Whether or not the global climate is at stake is a distraction.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?


    jkkite wrote:

    yes, most of�the 'academies' agree, even the bozos giving out Nobelprizes agree! academia=liberal=propaganda. harkening back to myoriginal point, there's alot of really dumb people out there...andthey're likely teaching (y)our kids.��

    George W.... Is that you? � I thought you never read news or newspapers..

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    ��� Actually, the dumbest generation are the ones falling for Al Gore's brainwashing.�

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    What's wrong with any of those things?� Oh, and you left out learned how to read.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    I am 59 years old and a proud member of the Baby Boomer generation. Irocked and rolled; marched in small towns and Washington DC for civilrights, womens' rights and human rights; opposed the Vietnam War; andserved for two years in the Peace Corps. I am sure that my parentsthought my generation was pretty dumb. They and their generation surelystood against everything my generation represented. It seems to me that the only persons who should judge a generation are the members of that generation itself,or the ones who birthed them. If we are the 30UGeners' (30 and undergeneration) parents and teachers, what does that say about us?

    Native Americans for centuries would make all major tribal decisionswith consideration of how that decision could affect the followingseven generations. They know that generation would lead the future.Imagine our world if today's leaders held that same practice. It istime that we look to the younger generations as individuals whom we canteach and mentor - and in the process, we'll learn a thing or twoourselves.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    I don't understand this whole debate about dumbest generation. There are really dumb, dumb, average and smart people in every generation. The humanity progressed because people learned from the knowledge and experience of previous generations. It will continue to happen. Einstein learned from Maxwell's equations a thing or two about electro magnetic waves before coming up with his theories.

    I think� we all take it for granted the� propserity we are currently enjoying and forget how hard people had to work to get to here. That's what my grandpa used to say about my dad and that's what my dad complains about me and probably the same thing I will say to my kids some day.

    The whole thing about liberal, conservative arguments

    Whenever somesone attacks others with these labels, you should know that this person is dumb. The math is very simple. In 1960, we had 3 billion people on this earth. In 2000, we had 6 billions. Our per capita consumption of feuls, minerals, water, and food all increased substantially with improved economies around the globe. The increased pollution and cutting of the forests can't be good for the environment. We all can debate about how much impact it is going to be but we all have to agree that there is some impact. It is having impact on on gas and food prices to drag the economy down worldwide. If everyone drives gas guzzing SUV and spend 40 gallons a day, it can only result one thing: The destruction of this planet.

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Typical angry conservative
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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Let me guess:Naw.Ya know, when you write dribble like that, it really shows your ignorance on so many levels that I quite honestly don't know where to begin!� I mean, I am speechless. Totally speechless.May I suggest reading some indepth analytical books on a wide variety of subjects including the history of unions in America, the history of the political parties in america, books about the Gilded Age in America, books about the early history of our country, let see, books about any war, up to and including, Iraq.� Books on Bush.� Books about the class divisions in america.� Books about anything, really anything, since you have the IQ of a piece of dirt.For Gawd's sake, man, get some education!� Turn off Fox Noise and just read a�newspaper.� �

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    i don't buy it.� we were all "young and dumb" at one point in our lives.� we're not all necessarily "older and wiser", either.� i think this generation is smarter in alot of ways.� they have the computer technology that wasn't available when we were their age.� try competing for a job with some of these kids...they blow us out of the water technology wise.� i also find my generation (i'm late 40's) handing their kids things that my generation had to work for.� for example,�when�it was time for driver's ed, I had to pay my own�way.� pay for the driver ed, the permit fees, the license fees, etc.�� if I wanted my own motor vehicle, i had to purchase, insure, register, maintain and gas my own vehicle, with no help from mom & dad.� i also had to go get�a part time job if i wanted pocket money as soon as i turned the allowance was cut off�as soon as I turned 16.�

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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    Every generation throughout history thought the one after it was worse. We're born into a particular time and think thats the way things are supposed to be, so when they change we think 'things are going downhill'. The kids arent stupid, their knowledge is just in other things. Maybe you consider it a dumber world, but its going to change whether you like it or not. Ride the wave, dont fight it.
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    Is this the dumbest generation?

    While this generation might not be as skilled at basic mental math, it is almost definitely superior in any other type. Compare current elementary or high school curriculums and they will be incredibly more challenging than those of 30-40 years ago.