Hey there Boston buddies,

I am trying to get some more traffic to my blog. Dezolutions 2010! Since my name is Dez, and its a blog about Resolutions...Dezolutions, see what I did there? ;)

This is just a way to spread the word about my blog! Every year I make a list of 20 or so 'resolutions', or mini-goals. For 2009, I completed 19 out of 20! THIS year, I've decided to blog about my success (and failures!) for 2010. So far, I have 25 resolutions, and more to add as it strikes me as something exciting I want to be part of!


Lots of pictures, try to update as often as possible, and of course, I'm 'wicked' funny, so I got that going for me... I'd love advice, suggestions and just some plain ole giggles. Hope to see you there.

Thanks for your time. And cheers to a New Year!