What's your new year's resolution?

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    What's your new year's resolution?

    Do you have a new year's resolution? One that you'll really keep this time? How will you go about trying to achieve your goal? Share your plan with us!
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    What's your new year's resolution?

    With the New Year approaching, everyone starts to think about new years resolutions and plans for 2009. If you did this last, take a look back. Did you follow through on those resolutions and plans? For the majority the answer is no. For most of us setting a resolution for the New Year is like something fun to do. So we set resolutions that are unrealistic or that we really don't want to keep.

    The beginning of every New Year is like a psychological clean slate for us. We use it rationalize all that went wrong the previous year and vow to make the upcoming year different and better. The problem is we don't take the time to think about the year that ended and set ourselves up to be more successful in the year to come. We need to make a plan for the New Year. Just like setting any other goals it is a good idea to think them through and write them down. Make realistic resolutions that you can keep. You must take this seriously if you really want to achieve the change you really want. If you’re a heavy smoker, saying your going to quit on the 1st probably won't happen. If you take it in stages you give yourself a better chance of success. If you smoke 3 times a day try to cut down to 2 within a couple of weeks. Then stay on 2 a day until it’s the norm, then try cutting to 1. I use Smoking as an example because it is probably one of the resolution that is proclaimed the most on New Years Eve.

    Make a real commitment to change. You should make resolutions that you are willing to commit to. If your resolution will involve a major lifestyle change, make sure your willing to go through that. Take the time to really think about it. All resolutions don’t have to start on the 1st. If begin to plan on the first that is a step in the right direction

    Get a journal and track your progress. Use the journal to set up milestones and track them as you meet them. Use the journal to write down anything notes that might help you with your goal. If you have told family and friends, which is a good thing to do, keep a list of them in the journal. You can check in with them for feedback. Make a note of the feedback you receive and adjust accordingly. This is a good way to hold yourself accountable for your goal.

    Take time every so often to visualize your success. Seeing yourself in the state you are trying to reach is a good way to stay motivated. Visualization is a technique that has been around for a while. Athletes use it to see themselves in a competition before it happens. They see themselves making all the plays needed to pull out a victory. It can work for just about any situation you can think of. If weight loss is your goal, see yourself at your ideal weight in your mind hold on to it and believe that you will be like that. If your belief is strong enough it will lead you to action and you will achieve your goal.

    Be prepared for setbacks. It is possible that setback may happen. Don’t let them discourage you. If a setback does occur take a note of it in your journal. Think about what are some reasons it happened, and find some ways to try and avoid the same mistake in the future.

    Treat yourself as time goes by and you are still sticking to your plan. It does not have to be anything major. But rewarding your self will make you feel good about what your doing and give you the confidence that you will be able to make a real and lasting change

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    Re: What's your new year's resolution?

    My resolution is to meet a nice woman, start being more serious about the future.
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    Re: What's your new year's resolution?

    To stop smoking and to learn how to be single.  Scary.