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How important is trust in a relationship?

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    Re: How important is trust in a relationship?

    You're right, Robin, I absolutely do not know her which is why I didn't comment at all on the idea of her getting personal counseling. You'll notice it was couple's counseling that we were commenting on with respect to the woman, and, as the OP aptly said, that would be useless.  And, one can assume it will be useless without knowing a darned thing about the woman because the OP has said that the trust is gone and cannot be won back.  Maybe the woman will get personal counseling and benefit, but that is neither here nor there with respect to this thread.
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    Re: How important is trust in a relationship?

    It seems we've lived much of the same life, lol, and I have a really good feeling about where your life is headed (if you'll allow me the post-epiphany breakup extrapolation). Cool
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    Re: How important is trust in a relationship?

    Wow, how much I can relate to your story is uncanny.  My ex (mid-divorce) told me the exact same thing short of the "talk" part - he knew better than that.  He wanted to be in the "divorced but still friends" club after it was final, and I said I require trust in my friendships, too, and if I still trusted him we'd still be married so that was that.
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    Re: How important is trust in a relationship?

    My philosophy precisely, and it's held me in good stead.
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    Re: How important is trust in a relationship?

    In Response to How important is trust in a relationship?:
    So, Friday night my girlfriend returned from Baltimore,MD after a two week training class.  I drove into Boston and picked her up.  On the way home we stopped for a couple of beers and a bite to eat then went back to her place.   I spent Friday night at her place and most of Saturday afternoon with her.  I actually had my daughter with me for a few hours so I took my girlfriend and daughter out to lunch.   My girlfriend  had made plans to go out with a couple of her girlfriends Saturday night - no problem! I went out on my own and watched the ball game at a local pub that night.  I met her back at her place where she came in a bit tipsy from drinking.  She then tells me about some guy that was coming on to her, kissing her arm.  Around 10:30pm her cell rang a couple of times but, she ignored it. I spent the night, not thinking about her behavior.   On Sunday we got up went out to breakfast and went shopping.  Later in the day I told my girlfriend I was going home to my place after my daughter's dance recital @ 5:00pm.  My daughter's recital ended at about 7pm.  I went back to my girlfriend's and decided I would stay the night.  I asked my girlfriend if she had any beer and she said "No" and that she didn't want to drink on Sunday nights anymore in an effort to lose weight - OK, sounded good to me.  At about 8:45pm my girlfriend gets a call on her cell, and has a big happy hello for the other person she's talking to.  Nothing alarming, she has a lot of friends.  She gets off the phone, hops in the shower and comes down stairs to tell me, "I'm going to get some beers!" and can she take my car, I say "yes" and she's off to the liquor store.  45minutes later @ 9:30pm I call her because I think she had car trouble and she answers the phone out of breath and tells me she ran into a neighbor at Wal-mart - which doesn't sell liquor!  Now my suspicion kicks in....   She comes back to her house and goes between her dining room, kitchen and bathroom - NEVER entering the living room where I'm watching TV !  She goes upstairs, takes another shower and proceeds to go to bed without uttering a word to me.  At this point I've solved the mystery, go upstairs and pack my stuff and get ready to leave @ about 11pm. the girlfriend's  "guilt" finally got the better of her and she came downstairs to tell me (#1) she met some younger/other guy while away he lives far away [ hence the new Victoria's Secret garments I found in her laundry when I pulled them from the washer and put them in the dryer for her! and her not answering her cell phone telling me it fell under her bed at her hotel while in Baltimore ] and she's never gonna see him again and that nothing happened then she tells me - (#2) it's a Dad of one of her son's friend's and I'm so sorry, please forgive me B.S. Then she complains that we don't want the same things, she's always chasing me after a disagreement, etc., and that a mutual friend she had confided to told her to speak with me BEFORE going after another guy(s) [ obviously a waste of breath !]  Sneaking around your own house to avoid me tells me something "DID" happen - in Baltimore and in her home town!  In the end it became clear she was doing a guy in (1) Baltimore (2) Halifax and (3) Me! She then sends me text message's after I left: "I am so sorry I hurt you please believe me I am wrong, so wrong for doing that  I can't go back but I need u to know that I am sorry.  Please call me in a few days so we can talk." ....she told her son she just "met the guy for a drink" ...she must have spilled it on herself necessitating a second shower! Wonder if she told her son that while she was having a drink with this guy that I was at her place waiting for her to return with the beer she stepped out for? - in my car no less.   What hurts me the most is that when we started dating she told me she had trust issues because her husband cheated on her [ she had later confided that she   cheated on her second husband first! - and that she cheated on her first husband with her future second husband !] so I was monogamous, never strayed and let her trust me and this is how I get repaid....that and in need of an STD & AIDS Test
    Posted by RogerTaylor

    It sounds as though your ex-girlfriend has a long history of cheating on her partners, but it is unclear as to when in your relationship you found this out. Regardless of when you found out, it is clear that the issue is hers not yours. You are obviously not the first person this has happened to (just ask both her prior husbands). There is no guarantee that you won’t “repeat the same mistakes” in the future, after all “love is blind.” It is important to remember if someone cheated on their previous partner, odds are that they will most likely do the same to you. It may be hard for you to trust again, but in order to have a meaningful relationship there needs to be trust on both sides and this takes time. In the future I would suggest taking the time to really get to know the person you are dating before entering a committed long term relationship. Find out about their previous experiences in relationships and do not be afraid to ask questions when things do not seem to add up. Make it a regular habit to talk to your partner and let your partner know that she can talk to you when things do not seem to be going well. I would not classify you as an “idiot” or “gullible,” but rather as a person who is honest and straightforward and expects the same from others. Do not compromise your values based on the “shortcomings” of others, such as your ex-girlfriend. One day you may find a partner who does “want the same things” as you.

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    Re: How important is trust in a relationship?

    B**tch be WIL-IN....pack ur balls up and leave her a**....fool me once shame on you fool me twice you got hep C
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    Re: How important is trust in a relationship?

    In Response to Re: How important is trust in a relationship?:
    For what its worth she was probably telling you the truth that its a recent thing and maybe nothing happened (though shower#2 shows guilt unless the guy stank of cologne).  She is a TERRIBLE liar, showing her inexperience at sneaking round behind your back. But to sneak out when you are there, right in front of your face seals her fate. Its over, she made that choice and has to live with it. I am with Alf. Goodbye Ho, you don't want this person influencing your daughter's future behavior any more.
    Posted by plasko

    The apology? the second shower?....she's a tramp, who-are, scum AND a liar!
    You really needed to post here to figure out the obvious?  After reading your post I see a "trusting", "loving" and "caring" individual willing to trust someone that had been hurt in her past - too good for this "tramp!"

    Be glad she's gone and move on!  Karma's a be a itch and will catch up to her in time! Don't be surprised if she should knock on your door begging you to take her back after figuring out how she screwed up!  My suggestion - slam the door in her face!
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    Re: How important is trust in a relationship?

    I think trust in a relationship is the MOST important thing !! :D:D
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    Re: How important is trust in a relationship?

    Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship. Your girl is acting squirrelly to say the least. If you let this go, the episode will repeat.

    It's your call but it might be time to entertain alternatives.
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    Re: How important is trust in a relationship?

    It is everything since it's the foundation of any relationship.
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    Re: How important is trust in a relationship?

    I feel we can support RT without resorting to calling the woman those disparaging terms. What is this, the Victorian period?

    she's a tramp, who-are


    RT - Without trust, there's nothing.

    Also, she seems to have a problem with alcohol. You are well rid of her, and her addiction.

    You mentioned, RT, that you laundered some lovely little garments for her, garments you suspect she wore for one or more other men. That to me means she's either obtuse or cruel. Or maybe she just doesn't care. When I date but dn 't promise monogamy, I'd never wear anything so intimate for anyone other but the man with whom I'd first shared the lingerie. If he bought it for me, it still belongs to him in spirit. If I bought it to wear for him, it belongs to him in spirit.

    You deserve so much better. I don't feel she's a "tramp" for wanting more than one partner, but she's been dishonest with you. It takes so much work to regain trust - is she up for it? Are you willing to let her try? You realize that you will always be watching every move she makes, even though she has to endure providing proof to you 24/7.

    I don't think it's worth it, maybe it would be if the two of you were married, but you're not. There are many fine, decent women out there who would never even think about cheating, it would be beyond their moral compass. One of them is waiting for you - find her.

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    Re: How important is trust in a relationship?

    Please allow me to clarify. I apologize for that.

    I meant if she wanted a poly lifestyle, she's not a "tramp" (a word I still don't like). Of she wanted poly, it was her responsibility to discuss that with you. Since you're monogamous (as I am, too), it was her responsibility to tell you she wanted more than one lover - and at that moment, left the decision about your relationship with her up to you.

    But I don't think she's poly, because healthy poly folks seek consensual poly families. If she knew going in that you were mongamous, then she should not have gone any further with you. Again, that was her responsibility. Cheating isn't poly. Cheating is cheating.

    I was trying to make my point (apparently unsuccessfully) that I don't like old-fashioned terms that may not necessarily make their own case as words. For example. "spinster":

    spinster Look up spinster at
    mid-14c., "female spinner of thread," from M.E. spinnen (see spin) + -stere, feminine suffix. Spinning commonly done by unmarried women, hence the word came to denote "an unmarried woman" in legal documents from 1600s to early 1900s, and by 1719 was being used generically for "woman still unmarried and beyond the usual age for it."
    Spinster, a terme, or an addition in our Common Law, onely added in Obligations, Euidences, and Writings, vnto maids vnmarried. [John Minsheu, "Ductor in Linguas," 1617]


    But today "spinster" is ... . See? Words and culture evolve. By someone else's definition, I might be a tramp because of the number of BFs/lovers I've yet. Yet, I've loved them all, each and every one of them.

    I don't think anyone is a so-called tramp for wanting poly. But she's not poly. She's a libertine - and at your expense.

    So, to sum, my argument was with words (because I have something of the historical linguist's background), not with the way she treated you. I agree. It was heinous, and no-one who lives his life with integrity and concern for others deserves it. And I'm sorry I sounded like I was defending her behavior with you. I wasn't, and I wish you all the best with your relationships to come. Any woman worth her salt would want you.
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    Re: How important is trust in a relationship?

    That is some story. I am so sorry this happened to you. This woman can't be trusted because she is a cheater, but she is also a liner-upper. I doubt that she can be without a man for very long, so she will always have one waiting in the wings, as long as her looks will allow.
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