back in early 80's my loving mother had a one night stand in Boston.
she never told him about me and moved to ohio.   she did get in contact with him 2 years ago thru a mutual friend. mom recently passes away, and i need to find out some medical info. I DO NOT WISH TO RECONNECT OR RUIN HIS FAMILY LIFE.
he was working in a factory as a boss.
had a picture(lost it in moms crashed hard drive)bigger guy around 220lbs.
blue eyes, glasses, partially bald, always wears a white hat.
worked at GE in lynn, or someplace that has to do with power.
worked closely with someone named joey.
said he had 2 children - daughter around 22 or older, and a son 17or older.
son played hockey, and had athsma. said his name was eddie.
he drove a white chevy avalanch, his wife drove a Lexis
lived somewhere near route95.
he may have lost weight recently.
told mom 2 summers ago that he had just returned from a cruise.
he did bowl in a league, and has a brother.
he is in his late 40's.
i know this is vague, but i need help.... i am trying to recover phone records, he called her several times 2 summers ago. 2007
i have found 4 names: ( to no aval)
Brian Rowe
Bill Hickey
Richard Rogers
Hank Brown
does this ring a bell to anyone?

thanks for any help!