Online dating help

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    Online dating help

    If you're considering online dating or want help with writing your online profile, check out this upcoming workshop in Lexington, MA:

     Robyn Vogel, LMHC of Flirting Tips for Women and Dr. Dale Koppel, bestselling author of "THE INTELLIGENT WOMAN'S GUIDE TO ONLINE DATING: And She Lived Happily Ever After,” are teaming up to assist the women of Boston on their quest to find love through online dating services.  

    On July 19 and 26 (in a two-part series held again in October), Dr. Koppel will share her story on how she dated hundreds of (mostly fascinating) men over a roller coaster three-year period. She has no regrets, but hundreds of intriguing, and sometimes shocking, tips on how to perfect your profile and attract desirable men online.


    In the first session held in Lexington on July 19, Dr. Koppel will share her knowledge of attracting men online- the ins and outs, dos and don’ts from beginning to happily ever after. Then on the following week, July 26, the session will be a hands-on profile-writing workshop resulting in the perfect profile to post on the most appropriate online dating service. Attendees will learn the language and the sexiest avenues to meeting men in cyberspace.

     And once women know where to go and how to get there, psychotherapist turned flirting expert, Robyn Vogel shares her skills and training in helping women build confidence and successfully attract the love they desire. Because traveling in a foreign land or dating requires interaction, conversation and connection. All things Robyn teaches and enhances. More information can be found at Robyn’s
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    Re: Online dating help

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