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Role Playing Lovers

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    Role Playing Lovers

    Let me start by saying that I have never done this before (the online chat room/advice columns). So please bare with me. Anyways, I am a 28 year old and am currently in a relationship with a younger man (25). This is also a first for me but I must admit that over the last 6 months, it  has been the best relationship I have ever been in. From day one we hit it off! Our energy that we share, the laughter, comfort, and intimacy.... And girl the sex is fanaminal!!! 
    For my self growing up was pretty rough. I had no father and found myself dancing in a strip club at a very young age. This however did advance me when it came to sexual knowledge, (which I can't say I'm not greatful for). But here's my situation. About 3 weeks ago my boyfriend and I were having a small argument about keeping secrets. Well, outta no where he decides to tell me something that he has never told a sol.... HE LIKES TO DRESS UP IN WOMEN'S CLOTHING!!! Now being that I feel very comfortable with my own sexuality for some odd reason I wasn't even taken aback!?! (Is that weird)  To be honest I was neither excited and for this nor was I bothered by it. This lack of reaction he did admit troubled him a little, but hey, what's wrong with it? Ok, this is where the trouble begins. For the last 3 weeks he has been picking fights with me left and right. One of my biggest problems is that I am one of those people whom is always late. It's not that I'll  be late to my own funeral.... I won't even make it! This is a big problem for him. Then there is the snooping, he has gone through everything of mine, including purses, cell phone, voice messages, text, and emails! More than a handful of times
    Now this brings me to yesterday morning. While he was getting ready for work I was playing on his iPod when a message popped up from a Craigslist response. So curious, and remembering that saying " those who accuse are those with a guilty conscious." I opened te email in which it had a link to an add posted by him. When I clicked on the link it opened up a page in the Men Seeking Men classified section!!! He had posted an add stating that he was looking for someone to meet for sexual play including a little anal play!!! OMG!!! So, later that night after I had a few hours to digest my findings, I confronted him. This of course turned into a full blown fight and talk of how this can't go on, how could you, and I'm moving out all we're present. Once things calmed down of course that's when he told me that its not that he's gay or is in love with men nor dose he want a relationship with a man. He claims that it has just been a fantasy of his for the last couple years. It started out as just dressing up to see how a female felt, but now has turned into a fantasy of being with a male whom he is dominated by such as it is being a female. 
    Please  help! I don't know what I am supposed to do! I love him and want nothing more than to build a beautiful life with this man but now I am scared that I might be the crazy one here! Should I stay and let him fulfill this fantasy or is he a lost cause? 
    -Role Playing  Lovers, California


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    Re: Role Playing Lovers

    Ya, I'd say it's a lost cause

    But not cause he wants to take it up the pewp chute

    He's still discovering who he is, he's not there yet and most likely can't find himself while he's with you

    you're wanting to settle down...

    And he's wanting anonymous internet sex

    Plus, there are the daddy issues, the trust issues, the snooping issues...

    It's just a mess.

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    Re: Role Playing Lovers

    Seriously.  Submit this to Meredith.

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    Re: Role Playing Lovers

    delete/old post


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    Re: Role Playing Lovers

    I guess it all boils down to is what do you really want here?  If you are looking for that serious, happily ever after type relationship that you mention then this one isn't going to work out well for you.   Call me old fashioned here, but what he is doing isn't something that is going to take your relationship to the next level, for the better.  Do you really need this advice?  To me, it looks like a simple decision on what to do here....RUN AWAY FAST. 

    But since you post this here I'm wondering if you are really looking for someone to tell you that he's experimenting, trying to find himself and will grow out of it, and that you should stay and be patient with him.

    If you had it rough growing up then please do yourself a favor and go out and build a better life for yourself then what you had growing up.  We all deserve the best life has to offer, regardless of past circumstances.  Dump this guy, go out and find a normal guy and be happy.

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    Re: Role Playing Lovers

    In response to Kacie615's comment:

    Hello    Let me start by saying that I have never done this before (the online chat room/advice columns). 


    Really?  'Cause a quick Google search shows this exact same "letter" posted on several others sites.

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    Re: Role Playing Lovers

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