After a couple of hours of unpacking summer clothes from my attic and determining that many of them either needed to be tossed or given away, I decided to go shopping.
One of my favorite store for casual clothing is Old Navy so I headed there for some retail therapy.
After about an hour in the store..picking out and trying on clothes I finally headed to the checkout armed with a couple of sundresses, shorts, tank tops and a t-shirt. Since most of these had come from the clearance section, I was pretty happy that I had gotten some good bargains.

The young girl at the register was very nice...very pleasant. We chatted as she rang up my purchases then she asked me if I had an Old Navy Card...I said no..and no..I did not want one since I have a policy against store credit cards...and have never had the slightest interest in having one. The cashier then pulled out her first weapon...the big 20 percent discount. Now..I will admit..the 20 percent discount is always tempting..but as usual..I resisted. Then..this very clever girl pulled out her "secret " and for me most dangerous weapon. She held up a very pretty reusable shopping bag which was covered in flowers..I could feel myself wavering because I have somewhat of an obsession with cool looking reusable bags...but still..I managed to resist. Then she flipped it over to show me the other side..and I was a goner. Written on the back side was the quote " Earth Laughs at Flowers" from Ralph Waldo Emerson's Hamatreya. That was it...I was powerless. I have always been a total sucker for guys who were into Emerson..and apparently I am also a total sucker for retailers who use Emerson to manipulate the minds of geeky shoppers like myself. that point I knew I would do whatever it takes to get that bag.
So..considering that I also got the 20 percent discount I walked out of there pretty cheaply. Of hasn't escaped me that I am much more excited about that bag than I am about any of the clothes
Incidentally..that bag has already been emptied and re-packed for a morning at the beach tomorrow. I predict I will get a lot of use out of it.