candy bar containers

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    candy bar containers

    We had a fabulous candy bar at our wedding (thanks to my DH) but now I have a bunch of glass containers that I dont' need. 

    If you are planning to have a candy bar (and you should it's so fun!) and you need containers, please contact me.  I have about 6 glass containers -not sure on the pricing, but we can talk about it if you are interested and I can send you photos. 

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    Re: candy bar containers

    Hi Boston.

    I am sure you already sold your containers b/c this post is a few months old, but I just had a general question about the candy bar itself.  I am thinking of doing this for our wedding next month and I just wanted to know if it was a hit and if it was worth it...  Also you say you had 6 glass containers, did you fill them each with a different candy?  Like I said I want to do this, but am not sure what to use.  Where did you buy the candy in bulk.  Sorry for the barrage of questions but appreciate any help.