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Candy Bar

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    Candy Bar

    I'm doing a candy bar for my wedding and I'm going to buy red, white and gold candies (my colors are red and gold). Does anyone have a company or website they went through to order candy, hopefully on the cheaper side too?

    Here are some candies I thought of, feel free to add more!
    Red - Swedish Fish, Twizzlers, hot tamales, kit kats or skittles in wrappers

    White - mints, white chocolate covered pretzels

    Gold - snickers, rolos, butterscotch, reese's peanut butter cups
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    Re: Candy Bar

    You're coming down to the wire - how exciting!!!!

    Friends of ours used Jelly Belly for their candy bar in their wedding colors, and not only were they pretty, they were delicious!  Two of their colors were also white and red, and they picked vanilla and red raspberry.  SO good. 
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    Re: Candy Bar

    You could get colored M&Ms as well. 
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    Re: Candy Bar

    Atomic fireballs!
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    Re: Candy Bar

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    You could get colored M&Ms as well. 
    Posted by Winter2011Bride

    These are a bit on the pricey side, but could be good for others, you can actually get you+newhubby's photos printed onto M+Ms and choose which colors you want! (like the colors you listed, except yellow instead of gold):
    What a cool momento, no?

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    Re: Candy Bar

    I did a candy bar at my October wedding with fall/halloween candy - I had tons of mni chocolates, m&m's, dum-dum's, variety of caramels, twizzlers, etc. it was the biggest hit of the day!  people where lined up before it was even done being set up! 

    I used cellophane bags with decorations on them - word of advice - get small bags because people definately overtake and filled their bags practically to the top! 

    It was alot of fun planning and to be honest go to Target or such for the candy - they sell really big bags of candy there now for Halloween (alot of places have candy out already!) and it was cheaper than the on line bulk and you can have more of a variety

    I will try to post a photo here for you to see how we did ours - but definately have fun with it people will enjoy it!
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    Re: Candy Bar

    I believe you can buy in bulk through Sugar Heaven.

    you could probably get a lot of cheap bulk candy from BJs or Costco as well.
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    Re: Candy Bar

    For some inspiration you might want to check out, or take a drive to their Kittery store. They have everything you can think of!