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    Re: Dominoes

    Congrat Rap - your dress is stunning and I am glad you found one you like and I am sorry that you had a difficult time, especially with M&T I did get a bonny dress and I am larger than you.  But on the bright side as you said it is all falling into place wonderfully.  Enjoy your day and the rest of planning.
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    Re: Dominoes

    Rap - WOW!!  Your ring is exactly the same but sturdier.  Who could ask for a better outcome?!  Stunning, and what a fun secret (now that it's resolved, anyway) for you and dear G.

    Loved reading about your dress shopping with your mom.  Your dress is awesome.  Such a figure enhancing/flattering style, and you'll probably save in alterations, too, since it's a corset!  Will your BMs be in apple red?

    The museum looks lovely.  I checked out their "private party" page and saw a couple of pictures of it all set up for a dinner function.

    I would think that you'll be able to stay within your catering budget with those numbers fairly easily.

    Glad your dominoes are falling!

    Congrats, again, on getting your ring debacle all straightened out with such a perfect replacement!


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    Re: Dominoes

    Looks like everything is falling into place!  Congrats on the dress and the great deal.  That ring is incredible!

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    Re: Dominoes

    Rapunzel, I've been following your story since the beginning.  I'm glad things are falling into place for you and wish you a lifetime of happiness and peace.  Best of luck.
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    Re: Dominoes

    I'm exhausted this morning, after coming off the extreme highs and lows of the weekend.  I definitely feel so much better now that everything is taking shape.

    I'm going to design our save the dates tonight and order our invitations / reply cards / thank you notes this week.  We're also going to meet with the potential photographer this week or next, have the engagement shoot, and see what we can work out for a wedding package.

    Oh and somewhere in all that I have to find time to be a student too!  LOL!
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    Re: Dominoes

    Poor thing, I'd have a migraine today if I had gone through all that.  Pamper yourself this week and pick up a nice bottle of wine on the way home from work.

    Go to tonight - they have a fabulous section in Help (top right corner) on wording for all those items.  You can mix and match phrases and, if nothing else, it will give you a great place to start.
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    Re: Dominoes

    I saw the signs for the expo as I drove by it this weekend and i wondered if you were going :-). So glad everything is falling into place for you.
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    Re: Dominoes

    How wonderful! Congratulations! I got my dress at the Natick DB, too!
    I always assumed that because the dresses were so inexpensive that they wouldn't fit well. I was pleasantly surprised!
    I also got my STDs from Vista Print. I was very happy with them.
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    Re: Dominoes

    rapunzel -- I love that dress, it's beautiful.

    I hope that guest list number includes a tableful of your old bdc friends! LOL! 
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    Re: Dominoes

    Congratulations! It must feel so good to start to get things all into order! I love your dress, I think v-necks are so flattering! :)
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    Re: Dominoes

    Rapunzel, that's *fantastic*!!!  I'm so happy to hear about all your successes and I'm impressed at how quickly things are coming together!  The ring and the dress are gorgeous!  I *LOVE* the corset back and I loved a few dresses at DB, but they didn't have the corset, so I got a MS.  It will fit so well and definitely save the cost of alterations.