Flowers - Needs, % of Budget, Etc.

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    Flowers - Needs, % of Budget, Etc.

    Hi, all.

    Thanks for all the help regarding invitation vendors!  We found just what we want, but the design isn't available in our colors, so we're searching for it through other channels and considering the DIY and DIYWHFAP (do-it-yourself-with-help-from-a-professional) routes. 

    Now, I'd love some help with flowers, if you're up for a challenge!  I'm curious to hear what you decided to get (e.g. four bouquets, five bouts, 10 small centerpieces, etc.) and, if you don't mind sharing, either roughly how much each element cost or what percentage of your overall budget you devoted to flowers. 

    I'm just getting into the details, even though I picked a florist months ago.  The one who does the flowers for my venue's in-house restaurant came highly recommended.  On top of that, very basic centerpieces done by this particular florist are included in my room rental fee!  The venue keeps them for use in the restaurant after the reception, but I get to pick the colors.  Again, though, they're very basic (read: SMALL).  I can upgrade for a fee, but I haven't explored all the options yet.  The florist prefers to hear my plan, write up a proposal, and then work with me to trim it, if necessary.  Not my preferred way of doing things, but whatever.  If I have to, I can go with one stem per bridesmaid, nuts and leaves for bouts and the simple (free!) centerpieces.  The tables are so cluttered with fancy napkins, china and glassware, it's a wonder there's room for flowers!  : )

    Does anyone feel like sharing overall plans (based on WP size, guest list, etc.), general prices and/or pictures?  I really appreciate all the help and inspiration I can get. 
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    Re: Flowers - Needs, % of Budget, Etc.

    I don't remember the exact figures (MIL offered to pay for flowers).  But I went really small, just like you said, the tables are very crowded and i had wine bottles on there too.  We just did bud vases with a red rose & baby's breath for our center pieces.  I even offered to pick up a case of vases at Ikea and delivering them to save a few bucks.  I think the florist added $4 per table for a vase. MIL nixed the idea and wanted to just pay the higher price.  Whatev.
    For bouquets I asked for small & simple.  Only red roses for me, red & white for the girls.  The guy's bouts had just a rose w/greens, with red for DH.  We also had a special request for stephanotis with purple pins in the center for me & special ribbon for DH.
    With my bouquet, 4 maids, 6 guys, DH & 2 moms (one roses & 1 carnations), and 15 tables I think my budget was about $500.  Although I don't have the final figure with me.
    If you're on a budget, I think the free ones are perfect!  unless they are A-Mazing, who will remember anyway?  People tend to remember the time they had, not the flowers they saw :)
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    Re: Flowers - Needs, % of Budget, Etc.

    I had a much bigger wedding party than you (7 bm bouquets, my bouquet, 10 bouts, 2 moms and 2 grandmothers) and we just did personal flowers, not centerpieces. Our flowers were roughly 5% of our budget. We had hydrangeas, a variety of roses and sweet pea for the girls. (I don't have a pic available to post, sorry. I'll look when I get home.) I also got a bunch of flowers for the cake. In fact, "bunch" is probably an understatement.

    My advice: If there's something you really want, don't settle. I had a more than one florist try to talk me out of hydrangeas and into flowers I didn't want. My bouquets were EXACTLY what I pictured and I loved them. You just don't want to look back on your pictures and wish you'd done something different.
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    Re: Flowers - Needs, % of Budget, Etc.

    I have a small party.  I have two bouquets, 3 bouts and 3 corsages.  My bouquet, bouts and corsages will be all roses; my MOH will be all blue hydrangeas.  The price is around $286.  This is for a wedding Valentine's weekend, which is the highest time of the year to get roses.  I may go back and ask her to quote small arrangements as centerpieces.  It comes out to be a little less than 5% of the budget.  

    ETA:  Total guest list is 90. 
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    Re: Flowers - Needs, % of Budget, Etc.

    the only flowers I got were about 10 boutts (white roses) and two white roses for the grandmothers.
    I made my own bouquets out of paper flowers, ribbon and tulle. I made my own centerpieces with goldfish bowls, potpurri, glass beads and dried starfish. All from the craft store, all very inexpensive, but they all looked beautiful.

    we each had four attendents and our total guest list was about 120, give or take.

    Flowers weren't important to me at all and I didn't want to spend much on decorations so it made up way less than 5% of my budget. But while I didn't spend much money, I spent a few hours here and there putting them all together with the help of friends and family.
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    Re: Flowers - Needs, % of Budget, Etc.

    We only had a MOH and Best Man for attendants, and we were just as minimal with the flowers.  My bouquet, my MOH's bouquet, probably 12 corsages/bouts, and a wreath for the unity candle (plus the 3 unity candle ceremony candles) for the alter.  This was about $600, very small portion of our total budget...maybe 4%.
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    Re: Flowers - Needs, % of Budget, Etc.

    I think you can pay as much or as little as you want on flowers.  I agree that unless you go huge, people don't really notice floral centerpieces, so just go with something simple that looks nice.  I'd stick with what is included in the package.

    We're trying to keep it low, I think it is coming out to about $1000 total (including tax, delivery and set up).  We're getting:  10 table centerpieces, 4 BM bouquets, my bouquet, 3 nosegays (smaller bouquets, 2 for mothers and 1 for groomswoman), 4 bud vases for cocktail tables and then like 10 boutonnieres, and flower petals for the aisle.  I think we are getting very good prices and I highly recommend my florist if you want her info.
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    Re: Flowers - Needs, % of Budget, Etc.

    Hi Rirlo!
    What your florist suggested sounds like what mine did.  We met and I looked through her photos and mentioned what I liked.  Then she sent me an estimate and we worked together to cut back the cost of the centerpieces, and maybe the bouquets as well.  It's been a while!

    Flowers were important to me, but I was budget conscious all around, so didn't want to spend too much.  I spent around $1800 for the following.  Looks like it came to about 7% of my entire budget, including the honeymoon and everything.

    My bouquet
    5 BM bouquets
    18-20 centerpieces (I forget)
    12 boutonnieres
    3 very small bouquets for mothers/grandmother
    Cake topper
    Empty vases for holding the bouquets after the ceremony

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    Re: Flowers - Needs, % of Budget, Etc.

    Thank you all so much!  These responses are really helpful.  The numbers I put in my post were random for an example, so the real deal is more along the lines of 1 bridal bouquet, 6 bridesmaids bouquets, 1 mini bouquet for a flower girl, 2 corsages for moms, 11 or 12 boutonnieres, some kind of arrangement for the altar and 16 to 19 centerpieces.  When I write out all the different elements, it sounds like a lot...and like it'll add up easily!  

    Trex, I'd definitely ask for your florist's name if we were having our wedding around here!  It does sound like you're getting a good deal.  

    I think I'll probably stick with the simple centerpieces.  They'll still be gorgeous, and then I can focus on the other stuff and still stay under budget.  Maybe I'll dress up the tables further with either little wreaths (which I'll make) around the vases and/or little pine cones.  We nixed that idea for the invitations, but I still think they make for cute decorations!   

    Thanks again!  
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    Re: Flowers - Needs, % of Budget, Etc.

    Hi, Rirlo....

    I think small centerpieces look really elegant when they're all one color or all one flower type.  Most times, bigger is not better!  Unless you really, really, really care, don't upgrade.  The tables WILL be quite crowded.

    You can save the most money by asking your florist for flowers that are in season and don't need extra TLC.  Also, bridal bouquets can be on the large side and they're kind of heavy to carry.  (See Carrie Underwood's on the cover of People - I think the rule of thumb is the bouquet should not be bigger than your head!)

    Our flowers were 4% of our budget  (including honeymoon).  We used a supermarket florist (Roche Brothers) and were so happy with them.

    Have fun!

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    Re: Flowers - Needs, % of Budget, Etc.

    I think it also depends on your venue. If it's a well-decorated space with good ambience as-is, then you don't need that much in the way of flowers or decorations.

    I agree with cosmo that small centerpieces can look really elegant. Sometimes all big centerpieces do is make it hard to talk to the people across the table. :)
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    Re: Flowers - Needs, % of Budget, Etc.

    I spent about $2000 on flowers.

    That included brides bouquet, 2 bridesmaids, two mothers, and three grandmothers' bouquets and 7 boutenierres. My bouquet was peonies, hydrangeas, roses, mini calla lilies and bells of ireland. The girls flowers were roses and hydrangeas. The moms were three stems of either roses or peonies. The bouts were peonies or mini calla lilies.

    I had eight small buckets of flowers lining the aisle in shepherd's hooks, included in the price.
    I had a cake topper and two vases of flowers on the placecard and gift tables.

    I had 16 tables. 8 talls and 8 shorts. The shorts included the square low vases, and were roses, hydrangeas, peonies and bells of ireland. The talls were votive trees (rental included in price) and had circles of flowers at the base, and several buds in some of the votive spaces.
    There were also lit votives on the tables, also included in the price.

    So, taking out the rentals, the flowers themselves were probably 1750 or so.

    Hope that helps!
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    Re: Flowers - Needs, % of Budget, Etc.

    I didn't care too much about flowers, so I didn't do too much. Our venue had a package that included free centerpieces, so I went with those (and they were very nice). 

    I did:
    My bouquet
    2 BM bouquets
    3 corsages (mom, MIL, GMIL)
    6 bouts (DH, 2 GMs, 2 dads, 1 grandpa)
    some flowers for the placecard table
    delivery and setup were about $100

    That was around $300. We had 84 guests. I used Lyndsey Loring (, who was awesome and is really inexpensive. She's in Dover, NH.