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I need to go to rehab.....

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    I need to go to rehab.....

    .....for wedding magazine addiction.

    Go ahead, make fun. Everyone else does. As I am typing this thread, I am staring at my coffee table, that currently has about 20 wedding magazines stacked on it. Oh, and today I ran to Target to buy some things that I needed, and of course I walked out with a the Fall 2010 issue of The Knot...which by the way was their largest one ever.

    However, I have a girlfriend who sold 57 wedding magazines on Craigslist after she got married and made $57, $1 each, not NEARLY enough that she paid for them (they are such a rip off), but hey at least they didn't get thrown away.

    I have problems.... :/

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    Re: I need to go to rehab.....

    Don't worry, the addiction will wear off.  For the first 6 months of our almost one year engagement I was addicted and then I got sick of seeing the same ads.  There isn't really anything in them that is useful.  At least not for me because I was definitely the anti-DIY bride.  But I would be lying if I didn't tell you the FIRST thing I did the morning after we got engaged was go to CVS and spend like $25 on wedding magazines.  I always wanted to look at them but felt silly not being engaged!

    Lucky for me my husband's parents own a spa on Newbury street and they subscribe to a bunch of wedding magazines so his mom would just pull them as soon as they came in adn give them to me so I rarely paid for them. 

    My favorite though were the local ones.  I loved going to vendor appointments because they would have free Boston Brides or other local wedding magazines!  Good luck with your addiction, you are not alone :)

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    Re: I need to go to rehab.....

    Ha!  Me too... Love the wedding mags!  I somehow got free subscriptions to Brides and Get Married (sign up on the website, you get like 3 free!).  They were really helpful for inspiration in the beginning, but yeah, now I'm pretty sick of them and they all look the same.

    My favorites are also the local ones.  The knot Boston particularly.  Just be careful, sometimes they change the cover but it is the exact same magazine inside!  That stinks when you pay $10 for it and can't return it!!!

    I'm so bummed the stopped making Modern Bride.  I loved that one!
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    Re: I need to go to rehab.....

    I'm totally and completely addicted as well.  I feel like for so many years I eyed them at the grocery store and wanted to buy them and now that I'm engaged and I can I can't stop myself!  I had so many I had to just purge some.  It's silly--they all have the same pictures of dresses in them and I already bought my dress 6 months ago!  I keep saying I need to stop wasting my money, but now that my wedding is only two and a half months away, I see them and think, well, I can only justify buying them for a little longer. . . It's ridiculous.  Good thing my entire engagement is only 11 months!