Meeting with DJ - Advice?

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    Meeting with DJ - Advice?

    We're meeting our first DJ this week and I'm not sure what I need to ask about.  Any advice?  We just want a good mix of music to keep it fun, not too clubby.  I guess we just want to make sure the guy seems nice and professional?  And reasonably priced of course!
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    Re: Meeting with DJ - Advice?

    Yes, I think you will get an overall feel for the DJ once you meet him. 
    I had also asked:
    -Does he have back up equipment
    -What is the plan if he is unable to make it to the event
    Our Dj had a few diffierent mixes that he has played at weddings on his website which was very helpful and gave a good indication of his style...maybe you could ask about that. 
    He also had us fiil out a survey of the kind of music we liked, had us rank music for the wedding, our fav radio stations and a must play song list - this was very helpful for him and us. 
    Although most squirmed when I asked, I inquired what their favorite music was, or what was in their CD player right now.  All but one gave a very general answer.  I just thought it said something about who they were.  
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    Re: Meeting with DJ - Advice?

    See if your personalities mesh well (if he's a goober, you probably won't trust him with your music, right?), let him know what kind of music you want (and gauge his reaction to that), talk about prices, how long he'll be there, whether he'll be doing any emcee-ing. 

    We used Chad Ardizzoni from Get Down Tonight Entertainment (, I promise it's not po rn) and he was awesome. Lots of energy, played all the right music for us. They're based in Salem, NH, about 30 min from Boston. 

    Whomever you book will probably ask you for a bunch of info (and if they don't they're not very thorough, so don't use them) like must play/do not play lists, first dance song, last dance, entrance songs, other special songs, names and pronunciations of the wedding party, date, time and place of the wedding. 
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    Re: Meeting with DJ - Advice?

    1.  How much time do you need to set up?
    2.  Have you worked at this venue before?  If not, when do you need to see it?
    3.  What will you wear?
    4.  Will you bring an assistance?
    5.  What are you requirements regarding breaks?
    6.  Cost per hour or a package?  Clock starts when -- usually just "performance time" counts, but some might charge beginning when they arrive to set up.

    7.  What does he do to prevent people being blown out by the speakers?

    8.  How much experience with weddings?

    9.  What kind of equipment, what backup provisions?

    10.  How many times have you had to cancel due to illness or family emergency?  Who is your back-up?

    11.  How much if the event goes overtime?

    That's all I can think of for now....

    Have fun. 

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    Re: Meeting with DJ - Advice?

    just a quick list:
    to get references, even see if your venue has heard them
    see if they have backup equipment
    and insurance
    photos of them performing to see how they dress