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Need on advice on Photography Package

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    Need on advice on Photography Package

    We are meeting with our photographers soon and need some advice.  As far as picking out what we want in our package, what are the commons thing we want to make sure we have? Who generally gets an album, us, and both parents? I know each couple has different requests/tastes but wanted to get an idea of what most couples do.  I want to have a clue when we meet the photographers cause right now I have no idea.

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    Re: Need on advice on Photography Package

    This is going to really depend on you and your families.  My parents and my DH's parents did not want professional albums. My mom told me this up front, so it helped us picking a package [yeah, we are not a super sentimental family - all my parents wanted was a wedding portrait]. DH's parents got albums that we put together ourselves w/ the DVD that we owned the rights to.  This last bit is key. You need to make sure you own the rights to your digital images. Then you can do whatever you want w/ them later - You can make 12 albums if the mood strikes you.

    As for specific shots, that is something to worry about later. You just need to know how many photographers [we had the photog and his assistant taking photos], how long they will be shooting, the number of final photos [we had around 400 final images to pick from, but I'm sure they shot more than that], the number of albums, how long till you get your photos, and who owns what.  GL.
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    Re: Need on advice on Photography Package

    I agree with ALF and will add that photographers know you don't do things like this every day and probably don't have a huge sense of what you're looking for when you go in.  A good photographer will show you representative samples of his work (showing his style) and will clearly explain his available photo packages.  He should be able to send you home with the available options so you can talk to your fiance and familes regarding what they hope for and expect.  You do not need to make a decision that day. 
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    Re: Need on advice on Photography Package

    Things to think about:
    *  How many hours of coverage do you want?  Do you want them there while you are getting ready and all the way through the reception?  I think may photogs offer full day coverage, but some do it by # of hours, so you may need to think about how many hours you need and if you will need to pay for extra hours.

    *  Do you get digital negatives with a print release?  This was key to us, so we didn't consider anyone who didn't include it.  Some charge extra for it, so make sure to ask.  Also make sure they will be logo-free and you get a print release so you can make your own prints.

    *  Do you want engagement pics?  Some will include an engagement shoot in some of their packages.

    *  Do you have to pay for the album now?  Do you want one?  We chose a package with one but I kind of wish we hadn't.  Since we have the rights I could have just made my own and the album was really expensive.  Oh well!  We also got an engagement album and we never look at it.  We did not order albums for our family.  I'd ask if they want one (since they can be expensive, no point in buying it if they don't really care!).

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    Re: Need on advice on Photography Package

    Make sure you know ALL the names that can be associated with the noun "logo"...watermark, stamp, etc. I've seen some photogs try to sneak a different name in there attempting to hide that little fact. Also, make sure they offer high resolution DVD's of your photos, you generally can't reprint photos unless they are high res. And it's a plus if they are edited. Some will give you the originals...

    Also, ask and see if there's an option of paying in full up front (if you can do that) because we asked and got $$$ taken off the original price.

    All of these photographers know that you have a million choices out there, so that ball is in your court. For us, we picked a package that included:

    Full day coverage (~7-8 hours depending on how long they think they need to capture the full "story")
    Enagement photos
    High Resolution DVD with all EDITED images with no watermark of all pictures with full copy-rights
    Our album
    Two parent albums (exact same just smaller in size)
    100 table cards (guests can go to the website and look at pictures at their leisure without having to harass you for pictures-I only find this is good for the oldsters)

    Of course, this is all coming from someone who has yet to see the finished product...

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    Re: Need on advice on Photography Package

    Everything above is pretty well covers it. From my own experience - I met with about 10 different photographers and the one thing I found is that packages are pretty similar, it's just the amount of retouch work/rights/quality of the artwork that you get that make up the major difference in price. We're getting an engagement shoot, album, 10 hours of photography, one photographer, CDs with all of our pics (the photgrapher guessed around 900-1200) color corrected and another with the best 200 fully retouched plus full rights to the images to do with as we please. There's lots of options out there, shop around for sure!