OT - Bachelorette Party

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    OT - Bachelorette Party

    Hey, I am planning a bachelorette party this summer for my friend. We are thinking of going into Boston. Any ideas for a good fun night? I want it to special for her, but am at a loss of ideas. Anyone want to share with me what they did? Also, wondering if a limo or party bus is worth the money? Any recommendations?

    Thanks in advance ladies!!
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    Re: OT - Bachelorette Party

    It really depends on what you are looking to do...

    Are you planning on staying in a hotel in the city?  If so, a party bus is probably not necessary.

    I have been to Jacques Cabaret (drag show) in the South End for a bachelorette, definitely a lot of fun. 

    Another option would be a bar/club (i.e. Tequila Rain, Ned Devine, Gypsy Bar, Liquor Store etc).

    If you are just looking to go bar-hopping it is usually pretty easy in the Boylston area and there aren't a lot of covers. 

    Let us know what type of place you are looking for and maybe can help more...
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    Re: OT - Bachelorette Party


    Definitely not planning on getting a hotel. But, I am curious, what goes on at this drag show? Definitely a different and sounds like what could be a fun idea!!
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    Re: OT - Bachelorette Party

    We went to Gypsy Rose Studio and had a private pole dancing class.  It was so much fun!
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    Re: OT - Bachelorette Party

    Drag shows are hilarious! I actually went to Jacques twice last year for two different bachelorette parties.

    At Jacques, they bring all the bachelorettes on stage for a little interview type of thing (when's the wedding, what's hubby do, where are you going on your honeymoon, let's see the ring, etc.) and then the drag queens come out and dance/perform to various songs. They do all kinds of pop songs, some funny songs. There's a lot of crowd participation, but I found that they were really good about knowing who wouldn't be into it and leave them alone. It's definitely an experience to be had! My advice is to call ahead and book a table. And bring lots of $1's. The queens work for tips.

    I would also recommend Improv Asylum in the North End. I really like that type of comedy theater and had a lot of fun on the bachelorette party I went to there. IMHO, it's nice to have an event first rather than just a night of solid drinking.
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    Re: OT - Bachelorette Party

    The party bus is worth is if you have enough people (20-30 ppl).  We wanted one for my B-party, but didn't have enough girls, so we just rented a strech limo.

    We also wanted to go to Jacques, but you need to reserve way in advance as it books up.  We didn't make reservations in time and could only get standing room only for the 10:30pm show, so we didn't make it.

    We ended up in Fanuiel Hall to Dick's Last Resort, Ned Devines, and then finally the Hong Kong.  We aren't a crazy bunch of girls but it was fun night of dancing and drinks.
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    Re: OT - Bachelorette Party

    Jacques is a BLAST! I am going to a bachelorette party there in June, and hopefully my BM's have mine there.