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OT-Dealing with DH job loss

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    OT-Dealing with DH job loss

    Hi Ladies. My head is spinning, I'm hoping for some kind words. DH lost his job yesterday (Ugh, I feel like I'm going to vomit just typing that). He was a manager at a catering company. He was miserable there, gone for 12 hours a day, and treated poorly. But it was a paycheck. A good one, a regular one. He had planned to go back to school in the fall anyway, and either quit or cut down his hours; at least this way he can file for unemployment. I work in social service. My grants have not been refunded for FY2010. My CEO told me he's "moving heaven and earth to keep (me) here", but nothing is guaranteed. I'm not as concerned about my job. I'll figure something out. So will DH. I just feel like, for now, the rug has been ripped out from underneath us. We were finally starting to make a dent in our debt from Katrina (we both lost our jobs during that time (both places flooded), had obviously lots of home repairs, etc), and now I feel like we might go under again. I know I'm overreacting, it just happened yesterday, but for now it's taking a lot of self control to not freak out!! I know lots of you lovely ladies on this forum have eithe dealt with your own or spousal job loss. What can I do? How can I make DH feel better? I'm giving him a few days to be pissed, sad, etc., and i promised I wouldn't freak about money (out loud, anyway) for 2 weeks, as he at least got a full paycheck. He's got options, he's a great chef and just needs to find a place to make some money. We'll deal with me if I get let go later. What else can I do? I'm letting him vent, assuring him that we'll be fine. We've got one month of rent in savings, so that's good, just in case. What else? Thanks in advance!
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    Re: OT-Dealing with DH job loss

    I'm sorry I don't have any great advice, but wanted to send my best wishes!!  My DH gets laid off periodically and, even though we know he will get called back, it is so stressful.  He is hoping to find a new job in the next year or so, but isn't sure what to do with himself.  Does any of us really know what we want to do?  What is your DH planning to go back to school for?  Good luck and keep us updated!
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    Re: OT-Dealing with DH job loss

    I don't really have advice either, but I'm sorry that you guys have to deal with this. You're definitely not alone, though--like you said, other people on here are going through layoffs, and all over the country people are losing jobs.

    Maybe your DH can focus on getting ready for school and this is an opportunity for him to find a job he really enjoys. I know that doesn't make the financial aspect any better, but maybe some good can come out of this.

    Good luck with everything!
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    Re: OT-Dealing with DH job loss

    Got lots of friends in this position and am so anxious too.  However, I once read a long time ago that if you don't make a decision you need to make it will be made for you.  And that may put a bit of a better spin on the situation - he needed to get out of a job that treated him poorly and now he is out of that job and available for better opportunities to come and being able to start right away without a 2-4 week notice, may make him that much more appealing to a potential employer.  Hope the opportunites roll in soon, though he may want to take some time and enjoy the glorious ;-) weather!

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    Re: OT-Dealing with DH job loss

    Katel, Just know that he is not alone. I know that is not good advice at all :(

    I work for a company that is very very scary to work for right now...they have been in the news for a long time about closing down, and many days I went into work thinking to myself, wow this could be my last day here. Things seem to be OK right now, but God only knows what going to happen....can anyone guess what it is?? Just look at the top left hand corner of your screen...just in paper form :)

    But I work in HR, so I have had to deal with a lot of sad cases. It is not easy to see or to deal with. I am so very sorry about your DH.

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    Re: OT-Dealing with DH job loss

    Thanks, Ladies. I really appreciate the kind words. Fra, DH has no idea what he wants to go back to school for, and I have finally drilled into his head that it doesn't matter, he just has to start the process, as there a bunch of classes you have to take to begin, anyway. I really am trying to look at the bright side. We'll have lots more time to spend with eachother, he can get some little pish job cooking again (he was a chef before this manager gig) to get him until school starts, and then who have a husband who is actually around on the weekends will be awesome! I guess I'm more worried about his mental health, he doesn't deal super well with adversity. I just want to make sure he doesn't take this personally, you know? Money wise, I'm freaking right now, but when you actually look at the dollars and cents of it, we'll be ok...I apprecite all of the good thoughts, and would love any advice!
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    Re: OT-Dealing with DH job loss

    Hi Katel,

    So sorry that this is happening.  My DH used to be a lobsterman in Maine, and the industry has really suffered over the last few years.  From 2005-2007 he was barely making enough to buy food and put gas in his truck.  It was really hard watching him go through this, and it was tough on our relationship because it was long distance at the time and we had to commute between Boston and Maine to see each other. 

    He ended up finishing his degree and completely changing careers. He moved in with me and was a temping in Boston for almost a year, not making much money, but trying to get experience.  He was really discouraged during the job hunt, since the only experience he had was lobstering and it wasn't relevant to the industry he was trying to break in to.  I did all I could to stay positive and encourage him (he can be really negative about himself).  He later told me that it was really helpful to him that I was there to support and encourage him, and how much motivation it gave him. 

    He ended up landing an accounting position last August at a great company that he loves working for (and that has amazing benefits and sweet hours).

    Try to be strong for him and just remind him of his potential when he's feeling negative.