OT - I miss my friends

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    Re: OT - I miss my friends

    i loved reading this post!  i had another screen name back when i frequented the wedding boards in 2006 (and i can't remember it - ha!), but i remember all of you and have enjoyed your updates!  GC's alive and well on the pregnancy boards, btw!  happy friday everyone.
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    Re: OT - I miss my friends

    Hey Laryan - have you looked into a Gov. job?  The site is USAJOBS dot gov and if you serach, there are quite a few AA positions or similar in the Boston area.  JFK, O'Neill & Post Office are all near the orange line.  Good luck with everything!!

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    Hi Everyone! Doing the "sleepless @ home" thing and saw this post.  Of course, I had to post.  Its been a "rough year", as I'm still out looking for a job, and can't get anyone to look at my resume, never mind call for an interview.  I've also been dealing with medical issues with my husband that have been ongoing since last fall that have been real difficult and a major challenge to deal with.   Things are looking up, and I promise to post more often.  I do miss my friends here on boston.com...
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    Re: OT - I miss my friends

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    Thanks everyone! It's lovely to "hear" your voices again.  I'm quite sad to read so many of you have or are going through tough times, though I guess that's reality.... it happens to all of us, even the nicest people.

    Northern, I always think of you as the poster most abandoned.  You were so great while we were all planning, and then when your turn came around, so many of us had left you. I'm glad to see you're still here and still as lovely as always :)

    For the record, I really didn'tstalk Ridley across the interwebs.  Swears.  It's just  that this whole world wide web is surprisingly small and I randomly happened upon her.  Turns out, we both really like to read (and you all already knew we both like to post on message boards!).

    As for me, I'm quite boring, so yep, Cos, still out here and still doing all of those things!  Business is tough right now, what with the economy, among other things, but still fun (me: http://excely.etsy.com) and overall fulfilling. (And yeah, I'm still a procrastinator of top form, so I can't blame it _entirely_ on the economy.)  We're starting a renovation on our house- finally!- in just a matter of days, so if you would all have a moment of silence with me for all my harvest gold before it's gone.

    Thank you.

    Really, it's pretty much the same story for me.  We are trying to have a baby... but not succeeding so far. katel, I promise, as much as you hate the "so when are you having kids?!" question now (and I hated it too), it's even worse when you actually want to but it's not happening.  In the meantime though, my dogs are still super awesome.  Our little girl just turned 5, which means I've been out of the city for 5 years too.  It's hard to believe it's been that long!  Seriously, I come into town now and don't recognize half the restaurants.  I'm practically a suburban hick.  But I still wear cute heels whenever we go out to dinner, even if they're out of place out here ;)

    Okay, it's already 2:45, and, as usual I'm _supposed_ to be doing something else (packing up the linen closets and bathroom for the big demo), so I need to go pretend to start doing that now.

    I hope everyone keeps checking in!  Miss you all!
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    Re: OT - I miss my friends

    clm, that's so sweet. Thank you! Enjoy the renovations. DH & I bought a house last May. We got very lucky that the only thing we had to do before moving in was clean the carpets. The prior homeowner took very good care of the house and had pretty neutral paint colors that we liked. With the homeowner's credit from our taxes, we've been buying the fun house stuff-a really tall ladder for the gutters and a riding lawnmower. Next up is extended the back porch across the back of the house. A bunch of us are friends on FB, don't know if you are on there as well.