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Reception Music

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    Reception Music

    Hello! I'm having a dj for the reception and he's asked me to compile a list of songs that we definitely want played during the reception. I know him well and I know he's going to do a good job and I appreciate him asking what we want. I want to know what songs you love hearing after dinner is done and the dancing has begun, slow or fast songs. Feel free to include songs that you hate as well! I really want my guests to dance the night away so any recommendations are helpful.
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    Re: Reception Music

    I actually was just watching my reception video last night to make some clips for my family that they had asked for.  (I finally figured out how to record clips from the wedding DVD on my computer so I can throw them up on vimeo/youtube for folks.)

    I noticed some songs that got everyone on the dance floor:
    Living on a Prayer
    Sweet Caroline
    I Will Survive
    Single Ladies (bouquet toss & afterwards)
    Brown Eyed Girl
    Proud Mary (up tempo version, a la Ike & Tina Turner)
    Walking on Sunshine
    I Want to Hold Your Hand
    Shout! (Otis Day & the Nights)
    Crazy in Love

    We didn't request these in particular though--just told the band to keep people dancing, and they did!  So if you trust your DJ, I would recommend empowering him to read the crowd.  I never would have come with this list beforehand.  But it really did work amazingly well.

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    Re: Reception Music

    We created both a Must Play and Do Not Play list.  Our Must Play list included a few songs that we knew we wanted to hear but in general we just let our DJ make the decisions.

    Here are a few that I can remember...

    Must Play
    - September - Earth, Wind and Fire
    - Uptown Girl - Billy Joel
    - Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison
    - Johnny B Goode - Chuck Berry

    Don't Play
    - Baby got Back
    - Chicken Dance
    - Macarena

    Hope this helps, good luck!

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    Re: Reception Music

    For what it's worth: I don't think your DJ really needs you to give him a list of Brick House, Living on A Prayer, September- those are always played at every wedding, it's almost a law. He is probably looking for ideas a little off the beaten path that will help make the palylist more personal for you and your fiance'.
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    Re: Reception Music

    I like a combination of fast and slow songs.  A successful reception doesn't look like a gyrating, sweating rave.  It's one that ALL the guests enjoy dancing.  So do mix in a couple of Frank Sinatras and a Glenn Miller with the rest. 

    A lot of guys will not dance fast but will do an occasional slow dance.

    The best DJs play music from every decade!  (Unlike mine, who seemed to have a disco fascination, and I'm from the Disco S * * * S era!) 
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    Re: Reception Music

    Friday by Rebecca Black - on loop for the whole 5 hours :-)
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    Re: Reception Music

    Can't stand "we are family".  Song should be banned.
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    Re: Reception Music

    Email your guests and ask them! I did this and had wonderful results. It's great to see people get excited when "their" song comes on.

    but, personally, my mixed-crowd-friendly dance songs are:
    - The Way You Make Me Feel- Michael Jackson
    - Hey, Ho, Let's Go- The Ramones
    - Let The Good Times Roll- The Cars
    - Simply Irresistable- Robert Palmer
    - HELP!- The Beatles