Taking a break from planning

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    Taking a break from planning

    Hi ladies! Hoping you can help me with this. We've started seriously searching for a condo and would love to find one and close before November 30. I know this is going to be difficult but that is not the issue.
    Anyway, due to this change in plans, we need to put our wedding planning on hold for a bit. So far we have our venue booked, my dress, the bridesmaids dresses, and the photographer. We have some leads for pianist, hair/make up, cake, & florist but I'll admit that I kind of dropped the ball on some. My question is - what should we just get done now and what can we put off for a little while? Our major concern is that we may have to adjust our budget a bit and don't want to book something that we won't be able to afford. We also don't want to wait too long and have difficult finding things (wedding is next May).
    Thanks for the help!!! 
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    Re: Taking a break from planning

    I think you can take a break right now you have the biggies booked and those are the tough ones.  The florist and cake can proably be done about 3 months prior to the wedding. Probably the same for a pianist, my friend plays cello and she is always getting gigs for weddings and things last minute.    You don't mention a DJ if you go that route you can probably find one 3 months out as well.

    The hair and make up person depending on when in May you can probably try to wait until about 5 months out, however if you wait until later it just means you may be calling a lot more make up people.

    Also I assume by venue you mean the place in which you will have the ceremony and the reception and that includes catering.

    Good luck on the condo search, have as much fun with it as possible.  Before you sign anything check out the management association first.  Knock on doors and talk to potential neighbors about the responsiveness of the mgmt company. When I bought my condo I did that however we changed mgmt companies about a year after I bought and they made me miserable and were a great motivating factor for me to sell.  There are some great mgmt companies out there and then there are some that are the absolute pits.
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    Re: Taking a break from planning

    Good luck on the condo front! 

    I think you are in pretty good shape.  I had an 8 month engagement, so I booked the ceremony venue, reception venue and the photographer right away.  

    Makeup - booked about 6 months out (only because I already knew who I was going to use and didn't need several trials). 

    Hair - I didn't figure out who was doing my hair until about 6 weeks before the wedding. 

    DJ - I think I booked the DJ about 4 months out. 

    Flowers - 2 months out

    Limos - 2 months out (but it was a June wedding, so I was afraid things would book up)

    I think it can depend on when and where you are getting married.  Since I was married in June, I did some things early just because I knew it is a popular month for weddings.  HTH!
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    Re: Taking a break from planning

    Cici, my wedding is next Sept, I am taking a huge break right now.

    FI and I are going away week of Oct 12th-18th, THANK GOD....we need to get away from all the planning, people in our lives, etc. And honestly, I am not even going to think about my wedding until after the holidays. I would like to enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas without having to worry about checks or deadlines or this or that!

    I think it is a good idea. Don't stress yourself over ONE DAY!! :)

    So far, I have our church and venue (same as yours!), photographer, and band. And that is fine. I need a break. I hate thinking of myself as just a bride...I am more than someone who is just planning their wedding! Sometimes when people at work ask me about it, I very kindly say "Can we please talk about something else?"

    Good Luck!
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    Re: Taking a break from planning

    Cici - I agree with the other posters - there's no harm at all in you taking a break!!  Condo shopping will definitely take all your time an attention (I remember it well...).  I'm sure there are women on here who planned their whole wedding in just a few months.

    As far as when to book which vendors, it partially depends on when your wedding is.  If it's on a Saturday, you may need to book sooner than if it is on a Sunday.  Most of my vendors had most sundays free (and I got married in June) so it was easy. 

    Good luck!
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    Re: Taking a break from planning

    Thanks guys! You have made me feel better that I can realistically take a break now and not have to postpone the wedding. It is on a Sunday so we are mostly worried about finding an officiant but I have my mom looking for me, so that's helpful. Worst case we can have a family member do it.

    Liz - definitely take a break!! With the wedding so far out, you deserve to enjoy your vacation and the holidays before things get more stressful.

    The thing that really irritates me with the wedding planning is when we go to meet vendors they only talk to me. Hello, WE are getting married, not just me!!! One florist that we had a consult with got a phone call while we were there so he answered it and said "I'm with a BRIDE, I will call you later" Wow...
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    Re: Taking a break from planning

    When is the wedding?