Weight loss and diet tips?

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    Re: Weight loss and diet tips?

    well, lucky for me, I've never liked coffee. It tastes like dirt to me, or flavored dirt at best. I was a HUGE soda addict. When I told people I gave it up, they didn't believe it, as I could usually go through a 2-liter in one day.

    I really applaud people who can kick the coffee habit.  Me, I COULDN'T.  I'm a total addict. 
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    Re: Weight loss and diet tips?

    once, when I was 19, I went through caffiene withdrawl so bad I had a fever and the shakes. it was bad. I don't know why i didn't just kick it then. Now I only have soda when I go out to eat or something. Never at home, and never at work.

    Pinkie, congrats on kicking caffeine.  I agree with wendy - withdrawal headaches are the second worst.  I get migraines, too.  Anyway, that's awesome!  I've given up all but <100 mg/day as we're TTC, but that's not as good as gone.  Caffeine does affect me; if I drink it too late in the day (after 1:00, really), it affects my sleep.  I can go to sleep, but I wake up in the wee hours of the morning WIDE awake! ALF, iced coffee is awful!  I don't get the attraction at all, but then I'm a freak about hot drinks.  I'll have a piping hot coffee in a heat wave with no A/C and enjoy every hot sip.
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    Re: Weight loss and diet tips?

    Calcium is now added to orange juice. I drink milk and eat cereal. I looooove cereal.
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    Re: Weight loss and diet tips?

    Green leafy vegetables are good sources of calcuim [think spinach, bok choy, broccoli, etc].  Also nuts, sardines [ewww] and shellfish.  Also, I think it's added sugar you need to worry about, not sugar that occurs naturally in fruit or milk.  I don't believe it's possible to eliminate all sugar [glucose] from your diet.  That being said, you really do have to read the labels on 'healthy' foods like youghurt.  Some of the organic ones or ones touted by various magazines are really high in sugar.  Lite and Fit Yoghurt has very low sugar.  Esp if you stick to vanilla and add fruit for additional flavor.  It's pretty flavorful on it's own.  Cheese in any form is awesome.  Laughing cow is good, but so is soft feta.  A little feta goes a long way b/c it's such a strong flavor.  That, of course, does not stop me from ODing on it.  :-) 
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    Absolutely!  I definitely should have said ADDED sugar, thanks for pointing that out, ALF.  Naturally occurring fruit, veggie, and complex carb sugars break down and get turned into energy (ATP) your body uses to function.

    And, good point about the yogurt and products that are marketed as ultra healthy - many of them are loaded with sugar.  Even USDA organic added sugar isn't healthy, it's just free of pesticides.  DH had such a hard time with that idea.  He ate a whole container of Newman's Own Organic Fig Newtons once because he thought it was health food, the more the better.  When he ended up feeling terrible and wondering why, I had to explain he ate about 2000 calories of plain ol' cookies in one sitting.  He was stunned.  I guess Newman's Own should be congratulated on their advertising prowess.  Whoops! 
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    Re: Weight loss and diet tips?

    Kinda off topic now, but post related so I'll ask. What is a good way to get calcium with out eating sugar laden yogurt?  I am trying to cut out fake sugar and real sugar, so i started eating stonyfield yogurt, then noticed they have about 25g of sugar! ouch! ( i know that milk has lots of sugar, but all the added fruit/flavoring must add sugar too)    I know I don't get nearly enough calcium, but not sure how to get it with out adding tons of fat,calories,sugar!  I hate cottage cheese and don't like plain yogurt, even with fruit added, too bland.     Any good ideas for adding calcium with out the extra stuff? 
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    Hey ajuly,

    Other posters have mentioned cheese - light string cheese and Babybel (the wax-wrapped little rounds of cheese) are great, for both calcium and protein. I think the light Babybels each have about 50 calories, 5-6 grams of protein, and 20% of your calcium intake (and they're delish).  Also - have you tried Greek yogurt?  It's of course a good source of calcium, MUCH higher in protein than regular yogurt, and I think is generally lower in sugar, too.  It seems to be pretty expensive, though, so I'm slowly introducing it.  I'm with you - I can't stand plain yogurt - but I'm going to try drizzling plain Greek yogurt with honey and see how that goes.
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    Re: Weight loss and diet tips?

    I love Greek yogurt with honey drizzled on top.  Such a great snack or breakfast.
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    Re: Weight loss and diet tips?

    thanks for the tips ladies!  I think I'll try to add more dairy into my diet, and probably start a supplement too (my doctor has been on me for that one!)   Hey and those viactive things are like a little treat to boot!