Awful first time out experience! :(

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    Re: Awful first time out experience! :(

    sorry you had such a bad time... it's so stressful the whole planning, and this is the last thing you need... I got my dress a Precious Moments.. in Malden.. I think if you do a search here, you will will all the good stuff!!! they will treat you as you should be and ever a little better!!! Good luck!!!

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    Re: Awful first time out experience! :(

    I also had a bad first-time experience (mine was at Davids Bridal) but Marry and Tux made up for it.

    No matter what size you are or what your budget is, shopping for your dress should be fun! 

    Actually, you should consider yourself lucky!!  Many brides have gotten the royal treatment at Yolanda's to begin with.  Once the sale is completed and you plunk down your money, then the poor treatment begins. 

    Anyway, as you continue dress shopping, do keep in mind that the samples you try on are a little bit bigger because they get stretched from many people trying them on.  So, if you're debating between the size of the sample and the next bigger one, keep that in mind.

    Have fun! 
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    Re: Awful first time out experience! :(

    I have to give a shout out to Precious Memories, where I got my dress. Sharon was my salesperson and she was great, patient and never intrusive. There is another woman there, who is just so enthusiastic, I don't know her name, but very sweet. She actually got choked up when she saw me in my dress when I went in for my first fitting.

    Edit: Awesome! Just after I posted this, Sharon called me to let me know our bridesmaid dresses are in! We go in on the 20th for my second fitting and their first. I'm super excited!