So, I'm a BM in a wedding on September 11th.  We ordered our dresses a while ago, but mine came in way too short, I am almost 5'10" so I ordered the dress with extra length, but the dress came to me regular length (yup, I look like I am waiting for the flood).  After a lot of arguing, the store finally owned up to their mistake and I sent the dress back to them.  It's now less than 3 weeks until the wedding and I still don't have the dress so my questions to you ladies are:

1. When would you start to worry that the dress won't come in on time?

2. Where can I get rush alterations done?  And how much do you think it would be to rush the alterations?  (the dress definitely will need to be taken in because I ordered it to fit when I was 20 lbs heavier)

3. Is it reasonable to ask the store to pay the extra for rushing alterations since it was their mistake?