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bridesmaid dress SOS!

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    Re: bridesmaid dress SOS!

    LOVE Aria!
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    Re: bridesmaid dress SOS!

    Oh, how funny they picked the same dress, but I guess not really - it is very flattering on both of them. 

    Your veil was perfect for your dress!!!

    Funny story about a cathedral veil...  My SIL wore one, and when her father went to sit down after giving her away he was nervous and instead of walking in front of her, he tramped across her veil yanking it off her head.  No one reacted, of course, except the MOH who demurely went and gathered it up and got it out of the way.  However, at the reception, when my brother and new wife came in, our little 2 year old nephew quietly said, "Bwoken dwess, bwoken dwess," with huge sad eyes.  Who knew he'd even processed what happened?!

    Sorry for the OT ramble, but hope it made you laugh. :)
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    Re: bridesmaid dress SOS!

    LOL! Those long veils are literally a handful. My MOH was a trooper and kept track of it and my train from the hotel room, to the venue. I loved the way it looked, but I couldn't wait to take it off the second the ceremony was finished.
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    Re: bridesmaid dress SOS!

    Holy Cr*p, Pink! That is the Aquarium! SOOO COOL!!!
    Did you hear the penguins as you got married? I LOVE The Aquarium! Oh man, now every time I go there I will think of your wedding!

    P.S. I looove the color of those dresses. I will no doubt have a deep blue dress for my BM's dresses. Blue is my absolute favorite color. In fact the shirt I am wearing right now is the same color as your BM dresses!
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    Re: bridesmaid dress SOS!

    Thanks, Peonie! yes, the penguins did make themselves heard during the ceremony.
    I chose cobalt blue because it's DH's favorite, went with the aquarium, and saturated colors are flattering on most skin tones. it's really a win-win color.
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    Re: bridesmaid dress SOS!

    I may be chiming in late without any great advice but I will say that you are not alone.  I had a harder time with BM dresses than my own. It basically came down to 2 choices.  3 people liked 1 and 2 liked the other.  I chose the one that 2 people liked because those 2 are older and closer to me and they thought the other dress was too young for them.  The other girls just liked the other one better but no one felt uncomfortable in the one I chose.  I got mine at Priscillas but they were rather expensive.  I also really liked Bella bridal and bought a dress at Flair for another wedding.  Most of the short ones are summery and the same dress over and over.  I thought Priscillas had some that were slightly different.  May be worth looking there (though call first to make sure they have some in your price range).  I ended up getting a knee-length v-neck dress for a formal-ish winter wedding. 

    Good luck!
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    Re: bridesmaid dress SOS!

    You should try Bridal Reflections in Watertown.  Anita runs the business and used to own her own shop in Arlington.  She now runs the shop out of her own home and is able to offer a great discount.  I recently picked out simple/classic dresses for my bridesmaids and they were only $120 each.  I saw the same dress in a bridal shop for $100 more. 

    She has so much to choose from and can get any color or fabric.  As a side note, she also offers discounts on invitations and is a travel agent.  She also has contacts to help with custom veils and can order accessories. 

    Anita has been such a great resource!  I highly recommend her.
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    Re: bridesmaid dress SOS!

    Weddin I know exactly how you feel.  Finding my dress was such a process - I truly did not enjoy it and thought I would never find "the one." 
    Then when it was time to take my girls shopping (i only had 4) there was really only one weekend because most lived out of state. 
    I went shopping, they went shopping and finally I just said I was done with it and that they should look for something long and gray and decide on their own because I just didn't even care anymore!  Not soon after, I was walking around in Macys and found a dress that would work well.  turned out it was on sale for $100 too.  So I bought 6 different sizes and shipped them to the girls.  They all liked it and that was the end of that.  Good thing too, it was about 4 months before the wedding at that point. 
    No real advice here, just sympathy.  GOOD LUCK!  It will work out.
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    Re: bridesmaid dress SOS!

    The problem you're having is that all bridesmaids dresses DO look alike.  And a short dress is not going to look "formal". 

    You need to decide which is more important -- the formal look that a long dress will give, or the summer-look of a short dress.   I assume your reception venue is air conditioned, so being in a long dress shouldn't bother the girls. 

    Do NOT drag your all your girls to 3 different stores, you will really aggravate them.  Take your heaviest girl and the one with the largest bust (the two that are hardest to fit) to pick out a few possibilities. 

    I think the days of matchy-matchy bridesmaid outfits are drawing to a close.  You can't go wrong with saying "pick a long dress by Davids Bridal in their apple green" and be done with it.  That way, everyone gets a say and is more happy with her dress.

    Fra, I can understand your being annoyed with not getting any input into your bm dress, but how could the bride give everyone a vote and hope to find a dress that everyone agreed on.  (That's why the above approach is much better.)

    Good luck!!!!
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    Re: bridesmaid dress SOS!

    I just logged on Nordstrom', Bridesmaids Dresses.  They have almost 150 dresses.  The majority are short dresses,most are less than $150 & many of them are on sale.  Here are some of the styles I thought appropriate: #213453, midnight, $118.90, #209508, Lavendar, $99, #185560, $108, #246168, Wineberry, $62.Nordstrom's has enough store nationwide that you should be able to find sizes you need. Have you thought of buying long dresses and have them altered to tea length?  Or, finally, finding a good seamstress who would make them all?
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    Re: bridesmaid dress SOS!

    In follow-up to my previous post, MOST venues today are air conditioned.  Therefore, I do not understand why your bridesmaids don't want to wear full length dresses.  I have had several family members married during the summer and they all wore long dresses.

    I think you are being very, very accommodating with your bridesmaids.  And, also causing yourself too much worry.  Pick out 2 -3 dresses that can be made in various styles.  I think Alfred Angelo has a range of dresses.  Or, just tell them to wear elegant black dresses.