Fall River dress shops?

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    Fall River dress shops?


    Has anyone tried their hand at the Fall River bridal shops?  There are a number out there, including Gilda's, Carmen, Alexandra's, and more, and I'm not sure I want to go to all of them given that it's a trek and I've already been to a number already (reaching the end of my patience!). My budget is under $1k and I've been to a number of the suggested shops on this board (M&T, Vows, Bride 'n Belle, David's).

    It's so hard to tell with Yelp stories; just wanted to hear what you folks think about those shops, how they compare to other popular local places, and which is the best bet.
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    Re: Fall River dress shops?

    I would not recommend Alexandra's if your budget is under $1k. I went there this summer and they did have some beautiful dresses, but were not in the least bit concerned about my budget. They never even asked! All the dresses I tried on were much closer to the $2k mark and they flat out refused to help me try on any of the cheaper ones.
    I looked at Party Dress Express for BM dresses and they actually had a decent selection of wedding dresses too. I think they offer some deals on alterations too. I would recommend at least stopping by there.
    ETA: I got my dress from Helene's in East Providence. It's not far from FR and they do not charge sales tax in RI.