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First fitting!!!

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    Re: First fitting!!!

    Grrrrrrrrr argh!  By the way, I have totally gone down a cup size!!!  I had to buy a strapless bra in addition to the cups she put in.  Otherwise, it just didn't look like what I'm used to.  I'll adjust to the new b cups after the wedding thank you very much!  Oh well, the alternative is being 12 lbs overweight, so I guess it's a good thing.
    Posted by framerican51008

    After things settle down when you get home, I suggest going to Lady Grace and having a bra fitting.  If you've lost 12 lbs and your boobs have changed size, there's a high possibility you may be getting the wrong new bras, if you're anything like 95% of us!  I went and I was STUNNED at what my size actually is. I was way off, and so was Victoria's Secret.  I look so much better in the right cup and band size...go figure.
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    Re: First fitting!!!

    Hi tibird!  Hmmmmm it went OK.  When I first put on the dress, I was upset because it seemed like the same issues from the week before were still there.  The bottom was still bunched up on one side for some reason.  Anyway, long story short she made some tweaks while I wore the gown and in the end I was happy.  I was mentally writing a review in my head during the fitting and she went from a 5 out of 10 to a 7-7.5 haha. 
    Posted by framerican51008

    7.5?  If you aren't thrilled I'd make sure to say so and see what else she can do...
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    Re: First fitting!!!

    I can understand the frustration you must have had!  But I'm glad to hear it all worked out & you have your dress :)

    And I've been doing the same thing with the people I've worked with... hmm.. how will I write the review for this??  I can't wait till it's my turn to do a review, so far everything has been good (unless we review in-laws - ha!)
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    Re: First fitting!!!

    LOL I don't think there is enough room for us to start adding in-laws to the reviews!!