For A Fabulous Wedding--VistaPrint and Your Relatives

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    For A Fabulous Wedding--VistaPrint and Your Relatives

    Most brides and grooms fear their relatives and in laws.
    Why should they fear them when you can rent plausible relatives and provide them with identities.
    First, rent a good looking theatre group which has just closed down another failure.
    Second, paying them the going rate for one night performances,have them gather at the rehearsal.
    Third, have them hand out their vistaprint business cards to all your friends.Make sure they have come into town especially for this wedding. Australia,the West Coast,Canada are all great locations.
    Lastly, make sure they understand their role in amusing the other guests.
    Some people think this is callous,but remember political protesters in Washington still rent themselves out for a good television newscast.These protestors are more than willing to grant interviews to amazed and alarmed newscasters.You should also remember Frank Sinatra paid young women to scream during his performances on the radio and in movie newsreels.
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    Re: For A Fabulous Wedding--VistaPrint and Your Relatives

    I just don't get it.
    What are you doing here?
    Are you joking?
    Are you making fun?
    Are your posts part of some personal elaborate farce?
    I just don't see why you're spending time on it.
    Isn't there something more constructive you could be spending your time on?
    Is this is really what you want to be spending your time on?

    I just can't imagine what compells you to browse the wedding boards, reading threads, looking for a way to interject these bizarre suggestions that aren't even meant seriously.
    What's your point?
    Are you mocking the wedding industry, or those against it?
    Are you being ironic or sarcastic, or neither?
    Are you hoping that someone will come on here, read your post and take it seriously under consideration?
    Are hoping to start an argument?
    Is it for the sake of making you feel clever?
    Are you simply trying to entertain your fellow trolls, as studies in the trolling behavior have suggested?
    I just don't see what your goal could poossibly be and why anyone woul dchoose to waste their time in this way.

    What a strange strange hobby trolling is.
    To intentionally provoke and take pleasure in upsetting or disrupting others.
    How sadistic.
    I suppose hackers are also sadistic, but at least they're actually doing something quite difficult that requires skill...