hi all!!
i'm new to the community and have been reading a lot of the posts and advise that other brides etc have been able to give - this is such a great resource!!!  i just got engaged about a month ago and although we have not picked a date or venue - i decided i should go to Yolandas before they closed based on the word of several friends and co-workers.  i found a dress there that i really really liked - the label was la richi couture - and although i found their official website, a google search did not pull up any more info about the company, history, other brides, etc.  the dress i tried on was not in their new collection pictures, and the store listing page is not available yet.  i'm wondering if anyone else out there has gotten a dress from this designer, or knows of other retailers that carry this line in the ma/boston area?? thanks for your help - this can be quite intimidating!!

ps- kargiver, we are totally planning on checking out the wayside inn based on your posts and feedback, thanks!