Question for ilovebeagles, Re: Bridal Trousseau

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    Question for ilovebeagles, Re: Bridal Trousseau


    I read your June wedding review and have a question for you about Bridal Trousseau.  I ended up buying my dress from them because, like you, they were the only shop in NE to carry the dress I wanted. Long story short, despite the fact that my dress was a month late, I made the necessary arrangements to travel to CT for my first fitting, only to learn that the dress hadn't arrived in their shop, so I rearranged my travel plans. When I got there for my first fitting, the dress had literally just been taken out of the box and was one big wrinkle. I tried it on, and despite the fact that I've lost weight since they took my measurements and ordered the dress, it was WAY too tight. Of course, both owners told me that the dress fit perfectly and that it was supposed to be "form fitting".  However, I couldn't breathe in the dress, but somehow I was convinced to purchase a corset and petticoat -- which both made the dress even tighter. They want me to come in 3 weeks before my wedding for the first alterations fitting.  I'm just not convinced that the dress will fit me by then.  Considering the amount of money I paid for the dress, I really think it should fit me and that I shouldn't be trying to lose weight in hopes that it will eventually fit me. So, I've scheduled another appointment to go down to CT from Boston to re-evaluate the situation. Foolishly, I paid for the dress in full 2 weeks ago.

    My question for you is, in your experience how reasonable are they in making accommodations, such as re-ordering a new dress? I just want to be prepared for when I arrive as to whether I will have a fight on my hands. Overall, I'm not happy with their customer service.  I feel as though I don't have any recourse since I've paid for the dress in full and the sales receipt clearly states that they do not give refunds. Any advice you can give would be great!

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    Re: Question for ilovebeagles, Re: Bridal Trousseau

    Hi! Sounds just like my story so far!!

    I cant believe the shop never checks a dress until your apt, they could have avoided both my initial issues and yours.

    I would definitely go for the first fitting earlier - 2 months out or 6 weeks at least, and schedule a second for four or three weeks out.
    That gives you extra time to fix problems.
    Dont listen to them when they say you only need one fitting, every other person I know has had at least two fittings. It just wont be right the first time, no matter how good the seamstress is.
    The seamtress didnt take any notes - so make sure you right it down with the shop, have your mom or whoever comes with you - write down what she says she is going to do. She does do nice work, but she forgot to do two things on my dress, big ones like a hem - which means I needed another fitting.

    Make sure Lisa is there. Bottom line - she is the one who knows what she is doing. She will do whatever she can to make it better. Also have her look over your bustle and other things done by the seamstress, she often makes corrections.

    As for my situation - they reordered the dress for me, but being 10 inches too short, it was an obvious glaring error. I also had 8 months to go before my wedding, so it was not a time rush. They dont give refunds per se, but you can select another dress and put the difference towards that, I think. But, when the dress was still too short, they told me to go buy a new pair of shoes, $120, but they didnt charge me to let down the hem, since I had already paid $120 for the hollow to hem measurement.

    What were your measurements, did they fit the dress size they ordered for you?
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    Re: Question for ilovebeagles, Re: Bridal Trousseau

    Thanks for the advice!

    I ended up scheduling another appointment to see my dress and inspect it one more time. However, Lisa was not there, so I dealt with the other woman, Jody. I must say, I was somewhat relieved that Lisa wasn't there because I had previously dealt with her and I found her to be very pushy -- a few times I told her I didn't like something, ie, the puffiness of the petticoat she insisted I needed. she insisted that she knew what she was talking about because she "went to fashion design school." (The first time I tried on the dress, she actually told me that the dress would "stretch like a pair of jeans" and intimated that if I lost a few more pounds the dress would fit perfectly. She would not admit that the dress was too tight for me, despite the fact that I couldn't move in it.) 
    Anyhow, Jody was actually very helpful and listened to my concerns regarding the fit of the dress. She offered many alteration solutions that seemed as though they could work. She left me alone for the most part to try out different things -- try different corsets and petticoats to see if either affected the tightness of the dress. They did in fact order the wrong size -- they ordered the standard sample size b/c the sample I tried on fit me perfectly, rather than comparing my measurements to the chart.  However, one issue that could not be fixed was the fact that the seams of inside lining could be seen through the dress. I wasn't satisfied with Jody's solution and in all honesty I was fed up with their overall customer service and I just didn't want to have to deal with them and keep running down to CT. So, in the end, I took the dress with me, Jody let me return (and she refunded me my money) for the undergarments that Lisa insisted I needed and I found a seamstress in MA that has assured me that she can fix the dress and sew in a new lining to hide the seams.  (The seamstress literally laughed at all the suggestions both Jody and Lisa had given me for altering the dress to fit me -- I guess "going to fashion design school" doesn't actually mean that one knows how to alter a dress!)

    I wonder if Lisa and Jody have a routine all worked out, where when one screws up, the other one comes in and makes the corrections -- b/c it seems like from your story, Jody made the mistake and Lisa saved the day. IMO, Lisa was much more difficult to work with and I constantly felt like all she saw was dollar-signs b/c she tried to get me to buy just about every accessory in the store! When looking for a veil, she only have me 3 options to choose from and never let me pick out any veils that I liked. She was constantly in a hurry and was usually more concerned with other customers in the store even when she was "helping" me. I am just very glad to be done with them!

    Overall, I think they carry beautiful dresses, but I would never in a million years recommend them. I bought a Matthew Christopher dress, which are not sold in very many stores. While I love his designs, I have since learned the construction of his dresses are subpar, particularly for the amount of money the dresses cost. As such, I wouldn't recommend his dresses either -- despite the fact that I think they're absolutely gorgeous -- just too much of a headache.

    This whole debacle has been such a learning experience! Thanks again for your input and I'm glad that it all worked out for you in the end, despite the hassle.
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    Re: Question for ilovebeagles, Re: Bridal Trousseau

    Yes, I totally agree with you regarding their terrible customer service after they get your money! They carry beautiful dresses, but I would never recommend them either.

    You are so lucky you had the time to take the dress with you. I only had three weeks before the wedding, and I couldnt even find someone to fix it by then, else I would have done just what you did!

    I bought a Pronovias gown, so beautiful! I would definitely buy another of their dresses, but from another store!

    Glad everything worked out for you!