Wanted: gently worn bridesmaid (or evening/prom) dresses!

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    Wanted: gently worn bridesmaid (or evening/prom) dresses!

    We all know everyone has them at the back of their closet.... the bridesmaid dresses that the bride "swore you can wear again". And we never have.  There is a great event that runs annually to provide prom dresses (for free) to underpriveleged girls for their junior and senior proms.  The link is below.  But in short, any time between now and April 1, 'gently worn' dresses can be donated at any Jordans Furniture or Antons Cleaners; these are then given to girls who attend a 'boutique' in mid April (they have to be referred by their school, counsellor, church organisation).

    I would encourage anyone with dresses that might be appropriate to donate - or better still, volunteer to assist with the event.  It is always a fun day, the girls are so appreciative (I gaurantee you, there will be tears of happiness and gratitude), or contribute in any way you can to help these girls be able to attend their prom.

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    Re: Wanted: gently worn bridesmaid (or evening/prom) dresses!

    There is a similar program in NH called the Cinderella Project.


    They take bridesmaid dresses and accessories to give to girls for prom, as well as wedding dresses which they give to qualifying brides or military brides.  I've donated and helped out in their shop for an afternoon and it is a wonderful experience.  I thought I'd add this in case anyone was a bit farther north.  I know they have people who will arrange to gather your donations (because my mom is one of them). :-)