Black Tie

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    Re: Black Tie

    Be warned that not all cocktail dresses are created equal. You want something that looks classy and formal. You can also rent a gown:
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    Re: Black Tie

    I don't understand why this is such a dilemma for people [not just the OP].  Either dress appropriately, or decline the invitation. It's an invitation after all, not a command performance.  Yes, people do wear shorts and a tank top to church, jeans and flip flops to court, and cocktail dresses to formal events. You might be able to get away w/ it, but it doesn't make it right.  People do notice when you are not dressed the part for the occasion. Unless there is a specific dress code for a country club where they aren't going to let you in w/o a tie or suit jacket, no one is probably going to call you on it.  But how hard is it to dress and act appropriately?  If you don't want to do so, just decline the invitation.