Checking In

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    Checking In

    I see the wedding etiquette forum has died a natural death.  How sad.  I truly enjoyed sharing etiquette tips and supporting brides to be way back when the feature first started. 

    I went to two weddings this past year.  Each was beautiful and touching in its own way.  One was in a garden followed by a great dance party in a country club. All the bells and whistles including bouquet, garter, toasts, speeches, a dessert bar and of course, a photo booth.

    The other was in an historic hotel in Salem in the midst of Halloween costumed tourists and was much more intimate.  Also included dancing and a photo booth.

    Every bride is beautiful, no matter where she plans her wedding or how many friends attend or what time of year.

    Wishing all my former cyber friends a wonderful holiday season and many wonderful weddings to come!
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    Re: Checking In

    Hi Aunt Beth!

    Yes, things have gotten pretty sparse around here.

    I went to four weddings this year, and I'm sure there'll be many weddings and baby showers next year!
    The weddings I went to could not have been more different:
    One in an bed and breakfast in CT (great blues band and paper hot air baloons!)
    One outside, by a pond in Plymouth (all neo-victorian style, very cool!)
    One in a nice banquet hall in MD (bright pink uplights everywhere, gorgeous!)
    One at a family farm north of Boston (complete with old timey candlepin bowling!)

    it's so good to see how everyone makes that day their own with personal touches and style!
    and, of course, all of the brides looked incredible!
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    Re: Checking In

    Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you guys, too!  Good to hear from you, AB. 

    I haven't been at a wedding since our own 2 years ago...too bad, I love weddings (and cake!).

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    Re: Checking In

    AB, come on over to the Confidential Chat, we have some lively discussions.
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    Re: Checking In

    i know i'll have a wedding coming in about a year to a year and a half, as my niece & her boyfriend have been ring shopping...will be recommending these boards as a "sounding board" for recommendations...

    i'm still looking for a job...not much out there this time of year.  need something with easy orange line access...they say that hiring is on the upswing, so hopefully, but now being the "big 5-0" isn't helping...

    will need to check in more often...between the job search, the parents, my DH and their issues, and the holidays i'm lucky if i get 2 seconds to use the restroom...