Invitations - Addressing

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    Invitations - Addressing

    Hi, all!  Me again.  

    We're mailing our invitations this week.  I think I might burst from the excitement! 

    We're inviting everyone with a guest, and I'm certainly set with the married couples and unmarried couples living together; but I'm a little stumped beyond that.  For the single folks, I know I can write "and Guest" on the inner envelope, but I may go with just the one person's name and a hand-written note that says he/she is welcome to bring a date.  Here's where I really need help: someone in a relationship but not living with the significant other and whose significant other would not be invited without said guest.  Know what I mean?  

    My fiance has known X for years, and they're good friends.  X is dating Y, and while we're all friendly, should X and Y break up tomorrow, we would invite X, but not Y.  Since X and Y don't live together, if I were truly inviting both as individuals, I would send each an invitation.  But since I really see Y as X's guest, do I send only one invitation?  And do I address it to X only and then write X and Y on the inner envelope?  I certainly don't want to use X and Guest since I know Y is the guest.  

    Please help!  Bride brain has set in, and I'm obsessing over details I'm sure no X, Y or Z will ever notice.  :) 
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    Re: Invitations - Addressing

    I would send the invitation to X's address and put both of their names on it. They're in a long-term relationship and you know that X will bring Y, so there's no reason to assume they'll break up tomorrow.

    If I were X and had been dating Y for years (and know that you know both of us) and received a invitation with an "and guest," my reaction would be, "Really? You suddenly forgot my boyfriend's name? Or you think I'm bringing the secret man-friend?" :) 
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    Re: Invitations - Addressing

    In Response to Re: Invitations - Addressing:
     I didn't have inner envlopes so for those guests I did write both names on the outer envelope. If you do this, put each name on a separate line and don't use and "and" in between the names.  Posted by Summer2010

    Same here, I didnt have inner envelopes, so I put both names on the outer. But I didn't know it wasn't correct to put "and" between the names! d'oh! but NBD I guess.
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    Re: Invitations - Addressing

    Thanks, all! 

    Definitely not using "Guest" for any of those Y folks.  I promise I wasn't even considering that.  :)  Just wasn't sure about using both names on the outer envelope or the necessity of sending Y his/her own if he/she technically isn't our guest, but our guest's guest.  Since I have two envelopes, I'm going with X only on the outer (since I guess I really shouldn't mail things for Y to a place where he/she doesn't live) and both on the inner. 

    Whew!  Thanks again!