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Maid of Honor- Ok to Have a Serious Discussion?

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    Re: Maid of Honor- Ok to Have a Serious Discussion?

    Seriously, because the guy likes his wife blonde and sexy that means he'll be a cr a p p y father? You win the non sequitur game today.

    The original poster's account of this situation acknowledges that the friend enjoys wearing heels and makeup and being all vavavoom, so why can't you just *let her*? The husband isn't the controlling one; the poster is because her friend has decided to wear dresses and the OP doesn't like it.
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    Re: Maid of Honor- Ok to Have a Serious Discussion?

    The original post was in 3/10.  The original poster also gave an update about one year later.
    Can we PLEASE put this post to rest?? Perhaps some persons are not looking at the original date of the post.  This post has been beaten to death. 
    Doesn't someone have a more up-to-date and more meaningful post?? 
    Cosmo, let me know if you agree or disagree.
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    Re: Maid of Honor- Ok to Have a Serious Discussion?

    I do not think you need to worry! I am 25, and I can tell you that I have changed a lot even over the past two years... I have also been in a relationship during this time, but I also started law school, and other things have happened etc. I do not think it has anything to do with my relationship... people just evolve over time. I think I am much better dressed, I like my hair a lot more now, etc. and part of that has just been moving to Boston, but also learning how to do things myself. Your friend probably has just started to come into herself, and though it may seem strange and abrupt to you (not sure how often you actually see her) it has probably been slowly heading towards this for while. Also, not sure if you think she will not go hiking because she has acrylics, or if she actually says this... for the record, I am super girly, dye my hair, straighten it, always have fake manicured nailed, and I would not miss an opportunity to go hiking... Just because your friend has changed in appearance, does not mean everything has changed! 

    I would not recommend "having a talk" with her.. Just be happy for her and honored to be her MOH!