unique MOH idea's

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    unique MOH idea's

    Happy New Year everyone! 

    I am the MOH in 2 weddings in the next 2 years.  I would like to be able to do creative, helpful, or just plain cute things for both of the brides... yet different from each other!  Problem is I'm running low on creativity these days!! 

    What was your favorite thing(s) that your MOH did for you throughout the wedding planning process?? 

    Any idea's of things I could do or make for them?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: unique MOH idea's

    just ask them how you can help. If either bride calls stressing about something, ask her if you can take that task off her hands. If she's the control type, then perhaps a relaxing spa day, or a night at home full of candy, bad movies and champagne.
    One thing my maid of honor did for me was give note cards to my closest friends and family. She told them to think of a milestone (first anniversary, the day you find out you're pregnant, your first christmas together, etc.) and write me some advice for it. Then I received the stack of envelopes from her for my bridal shower.
    I love having these envelopes. Every time I open one on a milestone they make laugh and move me to tears sometimes. It's a wonderful thing.
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    Re: unique MOH idea's

    THis is something that I did for my friend when I was her MOH, I made a slideshow of photos to show at her bridal shower. Photos from when she was younger, then photos of both her and her DH.  I asked her FI for the photos, so she didn't even know about it!  
    My MOH stayed with me the night before the wedding and that was a big help, she woke up at 4am and I had moved to the couch because I couldn't sleep and she thought I was a run away bride!  haha
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    Re: unique MOH idea's

    My MOH thoughtfully arranged for our dressing room to be catered with a lovely fruit, cheese, and crackers platter.  My mom, his mom, my MOH and I were all dressing in one of the rooms at the inn where we were having our reception.  It was sooooo nice!  Oh, and water, too, which was especially important as I really hadn't thought much about staying hydrated that day.

    Also, she created the shower invitations herself, and they were so pretty.  She was out of state so she leaned on my FSIL for help planning the shower (at FSIL's house), but they worked together great; no stupid competition-type stuff.  It was perfect.

    I also appreciated her staying nearby to tend my train before the ceremony (after, of course, it was bustled). I never needed to look for her for help; she was right there all the time.

    P.S.  I should have mentioned that my MOH was my only attendant so she didn't have to coordinate with anyone except my FSIL re the shower.
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    Re: unique MOH idea's

    I definitely agree with Pinkkittie to chat with each of your brides and find out what they want/need.  My MOH was so perfect I really couldn't have asked for a better one!  I really didn't want to be a bother to her, and I'm very low-key.  In fact, I told her not to even bother with a shower because I didn't want to be a burden.  She insisted on throwing me one and threw a small but fancy shower - High tea at the Boston Harbor Hotel with about 10 of my closest friends.  It was fantastic!  She made sure I had an awesome bachelorette, something that I really wanted.  We went to a strip club on Landsdowne and clubbing after.  On my wedding day, she just knew when I was anxious and had me take a time out.  Just all in all perfect!  Again, it will depend on the personality of your bride, so try to see what their expectations are.  Oh, and she made this awesome photo slideshow with music of me through the years, meeting, DH, etc.. She showed it at the reception and made me cry!