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Wedding Gift - How much?

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    Re: Wedding Gift - How much?

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    I have one more thing for you to try.  It gets stains out better than bleach.  Yes, technically it's carpet cleaner, but I've used it on everything, and I'd definitely try it myself on my own work.  It does an amazing job.  (It takes dye out of jeans, by the way so don't use it on denim.) Stain Rx Framing is a lovely idea!  I've had people frame mine instead of using them as doilies, and I love the look.
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    DH & I have a more modern-type decor in our place, but we would totally frame a doily and hang it if someone handmade it for us! what a great idea!
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    Re: Wedding Gift - How much?

    Pink and Kar,
    Thanks so much for your suggestions. I will certainly try them one by one. First the WD40, which I have in the house. If that doesn't work, I will send for the Stain RX. Still there is hope. Thanks - Pingo

    ETA: Ha, just noticed, the Stain RX is no longer available.

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    Re: Wedding Gift - How much?

    Pingo, did you try Lestoil and brown soap?  That was my Mom's recipe and she could get anything out.  Wet the stain, then rub in the brown (Fels-Naptha) soap and Lestoil.  Let sit at least a few hours.  Then, dip the whole thing in Lestoil, and let sit about 10 min.  Wash.

    Also re wedding gifts - give what you can afford.  Long years ago I was so broke that I could not afford to give friends a gift.  On their 20th, I made up for it (in my mind) by giving them an expensive bottle of champagne.  And I got their daughter a great wedding gift.  Over the years, it all works out if you stay friends!
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    Re: Wedding Gift - How much?

    These days, with the down economy, it's more acceptable to give gifts that are under $50.

    Even though it's a bummer to think that you may have to skimp on gifts for your wedding party, the extra savings in your pocket can go to an essential, such as the venue. If your friends are truely friends, they won't balk at something that's lesser in value - you just may need to shop around a bit to find a good balance of price and quality.