Croatia? Sao Miguel?

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    Croatia? Sao Miguel?

    Cyclechick - thank you for the info, it's extremely helpful. I'm still deciding, but may take you up on your offer to share more once I decide... (if I ever do!)
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    Croatia? Sao Miguel?

    Thank you, all of you for your info! I am still looking into it... It's so hard to decide!

    :) Heather

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    Croatia? Sao Miguel?

    We're going to Croatia in July for part of our honeymoon. The airfare is expensive. We're paying a little under $1200 to fly into Venice and home from Zagreb. $1200 was by far the best price; most airlines were charging at least $1600 for the same flight. We're spending most of our trip in Venice and Slovenia, but we've scheduled 3 nights in Rovinj, Croatia. I've heard Rovinj is the next best thing to Dubrovnik.
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    Croatia? Sao Miguel?

    I went to Sao Miguel and the Azores in the summer of 07 for a week and a half. It was a fantastic expereince. The best part of this is that the flight is direct from Boston to Sao Miguel and is only about 4 hours!

    We spent most of our time on the island of Graciosa, one of the smaller islands, and it was certainly remote and we did a ton of walking. It was very inexpensive once you got there--I think our flights were $800. The smaller islands can be reached by plane or ferry. We spent some time in Sao Miguel both in the country side and the city of Ponta Delgada. I'd highly recommend it for something "different". if you have traveled to Europe before the city is like most small European cities but there is always a festival going on or something happening. There are also many hot springs/volcanos to explore as well on the island if that is more your thing.

    If you get a chance to get to know the locals, please do! They are exteremely friendly and they always have a large crowd in their homes for meals. The food is great--local seafood, including octopus is a speciality. I think my friend and I lived off of the fresh bread that was delivered every morning, cheese (it's almost like butter) and home made wine!

    Let me know if you need more info!
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    Croatia? Sao Miguel?

    Croatia is stunning. Split and the islands around there are spectacular. You can take day trips to other islands from there.
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    Croatia? Sao Miguel?

    Hi Heather,
    I'm going to Croatia on my honeymoon at the begining of August. The airfare is wicked expensive, almost as much as the land portion of our trip, but it's our honeymoon and we really want to go there, so we're splurging.

    We're flying into Dubrovnik via Frankfurt and spending 5 days there, then taking a ferry to Hvar and staying there for 3 days then taking the ferry to Split for 3 days and flying home out of Split. It's completely independent travel, we really didn't want a tour, that's not our thing. But we do have ferry reservations and transfers to and from the airport and ferry terminals.

    We booked through a travel agent (which I have never done before). I usually love to plan trips, but with all the wedding stuff I didn't want to overload. If you are interested I can send you more information about it.

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    Croatia? Sao Miguel?


    we're trying to figure out where to go for our June 09 wedding! (yes, I know we don't have very much time!!) We were thinking of just staying in the country for economical reasons, but now I have become fascinated with Croatia and Portugal!

    Has anyone had experience visiting either place? if so, I would love your perspective. We want something relaxing, comfortable, clean, good for walking, DIFFERENT. and, of course, not outrageously expensive.