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    Hi Guys!  So we weren't really planning on doing a honeymoon until next yaer (and probably Hawaii), but it looks like I might actually be going to France in September for a conference!  And my boss said it was okay for me to stay an extra week and have my FI join me for an impromptu honeymoon!  But now I need advice!  What shoudl we do, where should we go, how hard is it to get around?

    The conference is in Paris so we'll fly in and out of there.  I figure we can maybe spend a few days there and then take the train somewhere else.  I'd love to hit the French Riveria, but I'm not sure if that is too far or not. 

    Has anyone been who can give me some good ideas for an itinerary for a week?  Should we rent a car or just take the train?  I'd appreciate any advice!!  I'm a little scared of international travel...
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    Re: France?

    Trex--I LOVE France! You will have such a fun trip!  Definitely take the train between major cities.  The French train system is very efficient and pleasant. Once you are at your destination, you may consider renting a car to get from city to city within the Riviera.  I have spent a few months in Paris (though it has been some--too many!--years), but have never been to the Riviera, so I can't help with that part.

    Rick Steve has a pretty good set of recs for his Paris itinerary:

    I would just say to do as much walking as possible in Paris.  It is a fun, beautiful city and you will discover most if you travel on foot.  I also think getting out of Paris is a good idea, and where you should go depends chiefly on what you want to do or see.  

    A good guidebook is always my favorite starting point, and then I turn to tripadvisor to cross-reference hotel recommendations after the itinerary is settled.  I'm a big fan of the Rick Steves guidebooks; he tends to give very directed/opinionated (and useful, accurate) advice.  Lonely Planet is my other go-to. The advice is less directed and less likely to lay out specific itineraries for you, but the information tends to be reasonably accurate.

    Regardless of whether you get the Rick Steves guidebook, I would recommend downloading these audio tours for free before you go:
    ...I haven't used the France ones, but my husband and I brought our ipods to Italy and used a bunch of his Italy audio tours.  They were great! We learned a LOT from them, and saved a bunch money on the audio sets rentable at the different museums or guided tours.  They were very well organized, accurate, and informative (went far beyond the annotating signs on the walls of the museum).

    Don't be nervous about a trip to France.  It is a gorgeous country, and people are much more friendly than the stereotypes--especially once you leave Paris. Moreover, there are SO many tourists--the city is set up to receive them. 
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    Re: France?

    There is so much awesome stuff to do in Paris that you could easily stay there for the whole week.  But I completely understand why you would want to head south!  I'm sure the train ride is a few hours, but I say go for it!  I would not recommend Nice, but I'm sure there are plenty of other nice places nearby (Marseille? Cannes? St. Tropez?)