Hawaii honeymoon - review

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    Hawaii honeymoon - review

    I recently posted reviews for all of my vendors from my October wedding, but I felt like the honeymoon review deserved its own post.  I also know that there have been some recent threads looking for advice on Hawaii, so hopefully this will be helpful.

    We used Coleen Coletti from Simply Honeymoons as our travel agent and she was fantastic.  If anyone is thinking about Hawaii - she was very savvy and we saved time and money by enlisting her help.

    We spent 13 days in Hawaii and island-hopped.  We figured it is such a far way to travel from the East coast - we wanted to get the full experience.  We started off in Maui for 5 nights, then Waikiki in Oahu for 2 nights, and finally 5 nights in Kauai.

    Maui:  Lodging:  Fairmont Kea Lani in Wailea.  Grade:  A+.  We loved this hotel.  They were extremely attentive, the service was impeccable, and the breakfast buffet is probably the best I have ever had.  We knew it would be a great stay when they greeted us at the check-in desk with hot towels and fresh guava juice!  Plus, our suite was almost as big as our apartment, so it felt truly luxurious!

    Maui:  Activities:  We did the Haleakala sunrise - which was great.  If you go, bring a jacket - it is very cold up there before dawn!  Also, I would recommend doing this early in the trip, while you are still kind of on East-coast time.  We also did the road to Hana - which was great.  I think they have widened the road in recent years so it wasn't so scary!  We stopped all along the way and found hidden waterfalls and saw the black-sand beach.  A very cool experience.  We also did the Old Lahaina Luau, which was really fun too.

    Oahu:  Lodging:  Hilton Hawaiian Village.  Grade:  B+.  We liked Waikiki beach and Honolulu, but we were glad to be there for just a couple of days.  Waikiki beach was a little bit crowded for our tastes - but it was a fun change of pace from Maui.  We had a blast - and we happened to be there on Halloween which made for some fun people-watching!  In my opinion the Hilton is the nicest hotel on Waikiki.

    Oahu:  Activities:  The predominant reason we stopped in Oahu was because we both wanted to visit Pearl Harbor, which we did.  It was a very moving and worthwhile experience.  While we were there we also hiked up to the top of the Diamond Head Crater, which had gorgeous views of Honolulu and Waikiki.

    Kauai:  Lodging:  Grand Hyatt in Poipu.  Grade:  A.  This is a beautiful hotel in southern Kauai.  If you go in the winter we were told that the southern part of the island gets more sun and has less rough surf (although it was still pretty rough).  The hotel has very picturesque grounds and good food.  They also have a beautiful salt water lagoon to swim in if the ocean is too rough.

    Kauai:  Activities:  We loved Kauai's rugged and natural beauty.  We toured the Waimea Canyon, scouted out quite a few waterfalls, and took a catamaran cruise up the Napali Coast.  The Napali Coast was breathtaking - and since I was too scared to see it from a helicopter, we opted for the boat.  We took a day trip where we cruised up the coast and then snorkeled in the afternoon - it was fantastic.  We also drove up the north shore one day and beach-hopped.  It was a good way to see a lot of different beaches.

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    Re: Hawaii honeymoon - review

    Hi ALS76!  Congrats on what sounds like a great wedding and honeymoon!  I want to do Hawaii and island hopping as well, so I'll definitely check out the agent.  Thanks!