Hawaii Recommendations?

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    Re: Hawaii Recommendations?

    Hi Cici,

    I went to Kauaii with my ex-bf years ago and loved it.  It is the farthest island out, and definitely quieter/less touristy than the other islands, from what I hear - which can be good or bad depending on what you want.  We kayaked down rivers, hiked to hidden waterfalls, at at open-air restaurants with fabulous views, drove all over the island... It was great.

    We also took a helicopter ride over the island - hint: if you do this, find out before you are lifting off if they take the doors off the helicopter!!  Terrifying!!

    I would guess that each island has its share of activities, but Kauaii might be more do-it-yourself than some of the other locations.  But also, it was not crowded at all and not too expensive.

    You really can't go wrong with Hawaii, I think!
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    Re: Hawaii Recommendations?

    Hi there,

         We went to The Big Island and Kauaii.  We went for two weeks and since it is so far from here I'd say it is worth the $40 flight between islands and see two places.  DH had been to Maui before so we decided to try Kauaii.  Everyone said that they love Kauaii the best out of the islands, but we actually liked the Big Island better.  It may have had to do with where we stayed though in Kauaii.  
    How long are you going to go for?  We loved the big island, but more than a week would be way too long and would get old quick.  
        Every island has nice resorts to relax at and each one has options to go explore as well, hikiing, waterfalls, mountains, tropical gardens etc.   We went the "cheap" route and didn't do expensive meals every night and still spent waaaaay more than we wanted to, so watch out when budgeting!     

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    Re: Hawaii Recommendations?

    Hi Cici - we are doing the same thing as you.. only going to Maui for 10 days.. we didn't want to deal with interisland hopping and wanted to relax and do stuff but not every day ya know?  I'm so excited.. we actually decided to stay at two diff places.. the grand wailea for 5 nights first then the Hooilo House for 5 nights which is by Lahaina... so excited about these two places too.. One is really happening and fun I think, and the other is more beautiful, serene, and relaxing.. couples only!  :-)  We have lots planned .. we want to take one of the Trilogy Catamaran rides to Lanai for a day so we can see another island while there and take a boat.. we haven't booked it yet though but the reviews look pretty good.  We're also planning the road to Hana for a day and the Haleakala Sunrise, and the Old Lahaina Luau.  Other than that, maybe some snorkeling, some nice restaurants, maybe the tedeschi vineyards with the pineapple wine... Keep me posted of anything you think looks great too.. we go in just over 5 weeks! 
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    Re: Hawaii Recommendations?

    Thanks for the suggestions! We were interested in Kauai too but I need to use my airline miles before expiration and because of that, it wasn't an option. We booked flights to Maui and have a room at the Hyatt in Lahaina for the first 3 nights, but that's it. I'm sure we'll figure it out over the next couple months but I'd love to hear more suggestions.

    Jan2010 - it sounds like we basically want the same vacation! Lucky you with only 5 weeks left to wait :) I'd love to hear how amazing your wedding and honeymoon are afterwards and good luck with everything over the next few weeks!!!
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    Re: Hawaii Recommendations?

    We went to Maui and Oahu in October. I loved Maui for the beaches and views, but Oahu for the food. We did the Old Lahaina Luau, drove up Haleakala (not for sunrise though), and did a whole lot of walking on the beach. The Whaler's Village was just another mall to me. We only spent 4 nights there, so there was still a ton of stuff I would've liked to do, like drive around the north side of the island, find some waterfalls, go to the black/red sand beaches, etc. The beaches on Maui run the gamut from touristy people-watching type, to locals picnicking and surfing, to secluded. I also stumbled upon a farmer's market at the mall by the airport and picked up a cherimoya and a fresh coconut that the lady hacked open with a machete.

    The interisland flight to Oahu was not bad at all. The worst part of it was sitting in the airport waiting for our flight because we could've been seeing more of Maui.  I would suggest NOT staying in Waikiki because if I wanted ritzy yuppie stores, bars, and crowded beaches, I didn't have to go all the way to Hawaii for that. I do have to say that although Oahu has some nice scenic areas, we didn't want to stray too far from the car when there were no other cars around us because a lot of the places we stopped had broken glass by the side of the road.

    If we had more time, I would've wanted to go to the Big Island, to see Volcanoes NP. We could've taken a day trip when we were on Oahu, but it was too pricey and I heard the view of the lava is prettier at night.
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    Re: Hawaii Recommendations?

    My mom and stepdad are in Hawaii right now for their 5 year anniversary. Two weeks and they're visiting almost every island. I'll see if there's anyhign they recommend when they get back.

    I've been to Oahu and the big island. I LOVE Oahu, but I'm a city girl at heart. I love the nightlife. On Oahu I recommend the Byodo-in Temple, Duke's restaurant & bar (pie to die for), The Crouching Lion Inn, Pali Lookout (where the wind come sup the cliff so hard that you can lean forward and it holds you up) and the Zoo. At one point the zoo had a time when you could pet the elephants, that was awesome. Waikiki beach is gorgeous to walk along at night. It is super crowded during the day, if you want less crowded beaches go to the lee side of the island.
    My unlce and cousins have lived on Oahu for most of their lives, and every time I visit I rent a car. Our cars have never been broken into. There are some unsavory parts of Waikiki, but what city doesn't have bad parts? You just use your head, don't leave anything valuable in the car, and buy the rental insurance.
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    Re: Hawaii Recommendations?

    Hi Cici - Yes, our idea of a honeymoon sounds very similar!  I actually have been to Hawaii though - I've been to Oahu, Big Island, and Maui.. although spent the majority of my time on Maui before.. two summers in a row when I was 15 and 16 for a month on Maui!  My best friend's parents had a condo there.. they were school teachers and would go there all summer.  I went with her two years in a row (I know.. very lucky) and then she would come back with me and stay with my family the last few weeks of summer while her parents were still there.  Anyway, I loved Maui.. and it was sooo long ago that I was there - 15 years - so I can't wait to go back and see it now!  My fiance has never been and it's the type of place that he would enjoy as he doens't like to just sit on a beach all day.. but will do it for a couple hours while reading a book at times.  I thought Oahu was cool but never had a desire to go back.. plus I felt like we saw most of it in only 3 days.  Big Island we were also only at for a couple days.. and to be honest, I don't remember it much.  Because we spent so much time in Maui, I know it the best.. and I'm dying to go back.  If you haven't booked all your hotels yet, one thing we were going to do was spent one night in Hana - that way you can spend more time doing the road to Hana and not rush.. there are so many cool waterfalls, the 7 sacred pools, the red sand, black san beaches, etc to do there!  Some people call it divorce highway cuz the road is so windy and narrow (have to admit I got carsick at 15 in the way back seat of a station wagon one year) but if you can start it early before the rush of people or later (if you are going to stay up there for the night) after the rush, then it's sooo well worth it.  I loved walking around Lahaina one day too.  In addition, I've been to the Old Lahaina Luau (although i'm sure it's diff now) and we will probably do that this time too, but I've also been contemplating the feast at lele since I haven't seen that one and it also gets good reviews!  My friends parents condo was in Kihei so I spent a lot of time in the Kihei/Wailea area so I'm looking forward to staying over by Lahaina for part of our time too.  We'll be there during Whale Watching season as well and I'm definitely looking forward to that!  Good luck and I'll keep you posted after how it was!  :-)
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    Re: Hawaii Recommendations?

    My Mom called yesterday from Shipwreck Beach in Lanai. She was squealing with joy because I guess there were sea turtles swimming all around them. They absolutely loved Lanai.
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    Re: Hawaii Recommendations?

    We just got back from Hawaii on Monday and it was AMAZING!!  we stayed in Maui (wailea) for 6 nights and then went to Oahu for 6 nights. 
    Maui is more relaxing and where we stayed was just perfect.  We really liked lahaina too, but maybe doing a few nights in Wailea would be good to - it was paradise at it's best. 
    In Oahu we stayed far from Waikiki (40 minutes) in a place called Ko Olina.  It was nice to be away from the "city" life and have a peaceful place to be, however I did not like the place we stayed (JW marriot) and it was very far from everything.  The best part about Oahu to use was the North Shore, but there weren't many places to stay.  I'm glad we went there so that we could see Pearl Harbor and the HUGE north shore waves/surfing, but we didn't need as long there. 
    2 things I would change about our trip:
    1) go to Oahu first
    2) spend more time in Maui

    maybe that was just us, but we wanted a relaxing vacation that was beautiful and lush and to us, this was Maui.  We are not big into shopping or being around a lot of people and that seemed to be more of what Oahu had (however it was beautiful of course and we did find many private beaches).
    No matter what, you will be on a warm tropical island with the one you love and you'll have a fabulous time!!