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Help with Aruba

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    Help with Aruba

    Hi all... anyone have any feedback with the Renaissance Aruba...we are thinking of booking for our honeymoon in September.. also what are the best things to do while we are there?

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    Re: Help with Aruba

    Hi, staci!

    We went to Aruba, and we thoroughly enjoyed Rancho La Ponderosa for horseback riding.  (There's another horseback riding company that you should avoid; according to our hotel they don't treat the horses well.) They go to the "other side" of the island where there are no hotels or sandy beaches - it's all rocky and the waves crash...beautiful.  And, I'd never ridden a horse and totally loved it.  Glad we went on our last day, though, 'cause we were both sore.  Go for the 2 hour, NOT 3 hour tour unless you are an avid rider already.

    The other favorite of ours was a 1/2 day snorkeling trip.  There's a ship wreck that is absolutely facinating.  I'd also never snorkeled.  I didn't do any diving, therefore, but I could see everything I wanted to from the surface with my face in the water.  It was pretty easy.  Glad I took a Dramamine, though...and someone on the boat was glad I had an extra.

    We stayed at the Bucuti in the low rise area of the island so I can't comment on the R.  But, I've heard good things from others.  I believe it's in the high rise area on Palm Beach so the beach will not be private.  We stayed at at low rise so the beach wouldn't be crowded in front of our hotel.  Loved it, but we are quiet, non-hustle-bustle people.

    You can't go wrong even just walking the beach and swimming in that awesome turquoise water!!!!!  We WILL be going back.


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    Re: Help with Aruba

    I loved Aruba.  We stayed at the Hyatt which is next door to the Renaissance.  The Renaissance looked very nice, and we actually went to dinner there which was nice.

    Some of the activities we did were
    Rented a Harley for the day, which included a guided tour of the island- it was great.
    Went horseback riding.  Sounds like the same company as kar went with - loved it!
    Rented ATVs and went on a tour - loved it.
    Went on the "Rumba" catamaran
    Went on a "Screamer" type boat ride.
    Went to the Black Hog Saloon - fun.

    There is so much to do - or not if you just want to lounge on the beach.
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    Re: Help with Aruba

    DH was afraid he'd be bored, but even when we were just sitting on the beach everything was so beautiful and the constant warm breeze so inviting even he wasn't bored for one minute.  And, since the low rise hotels have private beaches, usually people chose the same spot on the beach (huts).  There was a guy in front of us we called "Mr. Wonderful" for how he obviously saw himself in his quasi-speedo (more material, thankfully, than the traditional).  He kept dropping things so he'd have to bend over for all to enjoy.  It was the funniest thing.  And, free! :)

    The Bucuti actually offered a Honeymoon package that included the 1/2 day of snorkeling (or sunset sail).  It also gave us a 10% off (I think) coupon for the Rancho La Ponderosa horseback trip.  I'm sure all the hotels do something, though, so be sure to tell them it's your honeymoon and ask about special things they offer.
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    Re: Help with Aruba

    The hotel you are staying at gets rave reviews because it is not actually on a beach, but in the hotel lobby, they have a boat that comes every 10-15 minutes to pick their guests up and bring them to a private island that has a gorgeous beach that is for their guests only! My friend stayed there for her HM and LOVED it.

    Aruba is amazing. We already booked our honeymoon for October, and we will be staying at the Bucuti! Don' worry Kar, I requested a middle room due to the noise!! I think we are staying in the Tara Suites. I am SO excited. More than excited. I think I am more excited for the HM than the wedding, haha! :)

    There are so many amazing things to do in Aruba, and because the island is safe and the people are so trustworthy you can venture off and go to their excellent restaurants.

    Top 4 I recommend:

    El Gaucho
    Flying Fishbone
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    Re: Help with Aruba

    Definitely go to the restaurants Liz recommended because you can get some real we did.  The food isn't like in Paris where you can't go wrong (or so I hear).  It can be awful.  DH's favorite meal was the one we had a Subway and the 5 course Honeymoon Special at the Pirate's Next (the Bucuti's on-the-beach restaurant).  Really.  So, you can be SURE we'll be going to Liz's places next time!!!

    Liz, I'm not sure if the Tara has the same hallway design as the Bucuti proper.  But, either way, you can't go wrong with a "middle" room. :)

    I want to be there RIGHT NOW!!! It's ZERO.  The dog is out with her new parka and wax for her pads and skin between her toes...wouldn't she rather be in the Carribean?  I know I would!
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    Re: Help with Aruba

    omg... I didn't realize there was that much to do there.. we have a lot of planning to do... I can't wait.. thanks all for the tips!!!!

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    Re: Help with Aruba

    I agree with some the girls' comments above. Definitely do one of those sail/snorkel trips. We went to Aruba about a year and half ago, and we really didn't do much other than laying on the beach all day at the Marriot Stellaris (beautiful, by the way).  Some of the excursions we did were a full day snorkeling trip, and a party bus. We were on the Mi Dushi for our snorkeling trip. It was pretty large, and not crowded at all. We stopped by several popular snorkeling spots around Aruba, and they provided unlimited lunch/snacks/alcohol. Everyone on the boat were friendly, and helpful, and they even had a swinging rope! As for the party bus, we were recommended the Kuku Kanuku bus, and it was such a blast. For the package, we received a sunset toast at the Lighthouse, a superb three-course dinner, and deep discounts on drinks at the bars.

    As for restaurants and bars, there are plenty downtown. So many interesting places to try if you are staying at the Renaissance! We tried the Texas de Brazil... which was a Brazilian place. We ate ourselves to death. We also went to a local joint, downtown Oranjestad, right across from Senor Frogs. The name escapes me right at the moment, but it was delicious, and very reasonably priced.  So have fun on your honeymoon to Aruba, you definitely will not be bored.
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    Re: Help with Aruba/Curaco

    so now we are toying with going to Curaco... has anyone been there?

    I can't find a lot about this island!!

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    Re: Help with Aruba

    Staci, can I just ask why Curacao instead of Aruba? I know that it is still up and coming. My friend who got married in July went there for her honeymoon and liked it, but she said there wasn't much to do. I think she stayed at the Baoase Luxury Resort which is very expensive. She loved the hotel, but said the island was just OK. I am not trying to talk you out of it, I have just heard SO many positive things about Aruba! I went there when I was 14 on a huge family vacation (there were about 20 of us) and we all had a blast, although I don't remember much of the hotel (we stayed at the Westin).

    Good luck! What hotels are you looking at in Curacao?
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    Re: Help with Aruba

    Why?  Aruba rocks.  The trade winds alone are worth it.
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    Re: Help with Aruba

     I have been to Curacao for a day on a cruise and it was really nice, we had a nice day.  I have not been for a week but do know folks that have and really enjoyed it.  It is not an action packed island so if you are looking for a nice relaxing honeymoon then I think a great place.  I have been to Aruba several times and will be going back since we own a timeshare and that is our homebase resort but do not think it is the best place in the world that some do.  There are great places to eat and some night life if that is what you are looking for.  I don't think the beaches are all that great compared to other places and the island is not beautiful.  No doubt if you go you will have a great time though.
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    Re: Help with Aruba

    friends of our went there.. and loved it... I was thinking its one of the amazing places that is like a hidden gem..... we want things to do, but also jjust relax and enjoy our time together.... it looks beautiful there.. and they said the people on the island treat you like family.. not like  a tourist... haven't booked anything yet... your thinking Aruba.... I kind of am to.. but fi... really want the other...